PaperCut NG Mobility Print Server Download

Getting started Q & A

How do I update my Mobility Print server?

You don’t need to! It’s automatic! We know that updating software is both important and often difficult. Updating server infrastructure is even more crucial in the BYOD and mobility space. Why? Because end user devices just update and often with little or no forewarning. To remain compatible with this fast pace, the following components auto update:

  • Mobility Print Server
  • Android Mobility Print App
  • Chromebook Mobility Print App

Auto update checks are performed nightly during periods of low activity (sometime between midnight and 1:00am), and updates are applied in the background with minimal or no downtime. Updates might incorporate bug and security fixes, add new features, and improve the user interfaces.

Automatic update checks are performed over a secure HTTPS connection. No personal system information is shared during this process. Update signatures are verified before installation.

If for some reason your print server does not have access to the internet, you can manually update any time by downloading the latest version and installing over the top of the existing version.

Can I use Mobility Print on multiple print servers?

Yes. You need to install Mobility Print on each print server. For more information, see how to setup.

Where do I install Mobility Server?

For the vast majority of organizations, you install Mobility Print on your PaperCut system, that is, the system running the PaperCut Application Server and hosting your print queues. Some organizations might also have secondary print servers, and this configuration is supported too. For each secondary server (i.e. a server running the Print Provider) that you want to support Mobility Print, you must install the Mobility Print servers.

Is secure print release compatible with Mobility Print?

Of course! Mobility Print supports secure print release and find-me printing.

Will PaperCut NG/MF print conversions, such as forcing duplex, work?

All PaperCut configured print attribute conversions (for example, converting color jobs to black and white) work when you use Mobility Print.