Unable to authenticate at a Toshiba MFD (PaperCut MF)

This KB article applies to PaperCut MF.

This KB article applies to Toshiba devices running the PaperCut embedded/onboard application that has been working, and now users can not log into the MFD. The administrator is seeing the error: Unable to start LDAP server for Toshiba devices. invalid stream header: 00000000

There have been incidents in the past where the LDAP configuration settings have become corrupted and will not allow any user to authenticate on the Toshiba device.

Information has been written to the temporary Toshiba LDAP folder within PaperCut that was corrupted. This could be due to any number of reasons such as a disk error, unexpected power outage or momentary network issue at the time of writing.

Please try the following steps:

  • Stop the PaperCut Application Server
  • Delete the folder found here: [app-path]\server\tmp\ttec-ldap
  • Start the PaperCut Application Server
  • Test the Toshiba device

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