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When the PaperCut client Details link is clicked in a Mac environment, users are not taken to their login window when using Safari


We have found on occasion that setting the short name of a PaperCut server can lead to a problem with Safari. The PaperCut server name is stored in the:

[app server]\client\mac\\contents\resources\ file

Safari may not see this as a network address and so tries to use it to form a web address:

which will not launch the userís webpage.


To avoid this change the server-name to:
server-name=fully qualified domain name or IP address

server-name=Papercut server IP address

If there is still a problem with the details link displaying the users webpage after making this change,
please contact support for assistance.

Categories: Implementation / Deployment, Apple macOS

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Article last modified on December 09, 2014, at 06:12 AM
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