Lexmark Embedded Clock/Stopwatch Freeze

PaperCut MF provides excellent integration with Lexmark MFPs and touchscreen printers. PaperCut’s embedded application provides tracking and control of off-the-glass copy/scan/fax and offers secure print release and find-me printing options. For more information see the PaperCut MF Lexmark tour.

Some customers have reported intermittent problems where the Lexmark MFP displays a clock or stop-watch logo and appears to freeze. PaperCut has worked closely with Lexmark engineers to diagnose the cause of this problem. The issue was caused by a bug in the Lexmark firmware.

Updated firmware for all affected devices was release in November 2010. If you are affected by this problem, please upgrade to the latest available device firmware available from Lexmark.

If you continue to have problems after upgrading to the latest firmware, please do the following:

  • Enable the Lexmark debug logging (see here)
  • Reproduce the problem.
  • When the problem occurs capture a copy of the debug log as described in the above article.
  • Zip up this log file and send it to the PaperCut support team.
  • It is important to also include:
    • Model name/number of the Lexmark device
    • Device firmware version
    • Description of how to reproduce the problem, or when the problem occurs.

For infomation on other known Lexmark Embedded issues see our known issues page.

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