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PaperCut is fully committed to helping customers and partners make the best use of our technology. A key part of that is transparency and full disclosure of issues that may affect how well the solution works for you. Unfortunately, with complex modern technology (often supplied by different organizations) there is no way to address all problems and issues immediately but keep checking back to see if we have fixed something. If something is causing you particular concern please contact support.

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On the Xerox models of WC 3655, WC 58xx, WC 59xx, WC 6655, WC 7220/25, WC 78xx and WC 7970, there have been reports of random duplicate log entries. More info…


Resolved in
Engineering Releases
for some models

SPAR release
for all
in mid
December 2017


Xerox Secure Access EIP1.0+ devices are unable to function after upgrade to PaperCut MF version 16.4 (Build 39158) More info…

16.4 (Build 39158)




Some Xerox devices are unable to connect to the server after upgrading PaperCut server to 15.2. More info…

15.2 (Build 33661)


Workaround available


Shared Account tracking is not working on Xerox WC 783x on EIP1.More info…





Login problems seen on some Xerox devices with PaperCut version 14.0. More info…

(Build 25901)


(Build 26241)


SSL/HTTPS Errors with PaperCut MF Release 13.3. More info…

(Builds 23137 and 23186)


(Build 23214)


Xerox Phaser 3635 firmware problem. More info…





Xerox WC 4250 firmware problem. More info…

WC 4250




Xerox WC 53xx copy/fax/scan tracking problem. More info…

WC 53xx


Enabling Auditron modes.

Other known issues, not specific to the Xerox JBA/XSA Onboard solution are covered in:

738447: On the Xerox models of WC 3655, WC 58xx, WC 59xx, WC 6655, WC 7220/25, WC 78xx and WC 7970, there have been reports of random duplicate log entries.

There have been firmware issues where the devices can respond with old job entries to PaperCut at random times. This has resulted in reports of duplicates showing up in the PaperCut job logs and also of reports of jobs showing up at odd hours when nobody is around. PaperCut currently ignores jobs older than a week and if the job is older than 2 hours it assumes the MFP clock is incorrect and will use the download time instead of the job completion time. This means that if the MFP sends olds jobs through, they will likely all get the same completion time. Xerox is aware of the issue and is working on fixes. Engineering releases are currently available for WC 3655, WC 59xx and WC 78xx, with Engineering releases for the other models expected in a week. A SPAR release for all the models is expected to be released in mid December 2017.

10771: Xerox Secure Access EIP1.0+ devices are unable to function after upgrade to PaperCut MF version 16.4 (Build 39158)

This is due to an issue with accessing UI configuration information on the EIP 1.0+ device that was added for EIP 1.5+ devices. The type of error that will be seen in the logs is: ERROR ExtDeviceStateManagerImpl:844 - Error occurred on device: device\library. Error occurred of type: NullPointerException. No further information. This will be fixed in PaperCut MF 17.0 and a hotfix build based from 16.4 (Build 39158) can be obtained from support.

490018: Some Xerox devices will fail to connect to the PaperCut 15.2 server due to SSL exceptions.

This is due to a change in cryptographic cypher priorities made in the Java runtime.

Workaround:- If you are experiencing this issue then please follow the instructions in section 2 of Trouble Shooting Xerox SSL.

If you are still having issues then please contact to further assist you.

3975: Shared Account tracking is not working on Xerox WC 783x on EIP1 (Resolved with firmware version: 072.0×0.134.32800)

On Xerox devices WC 783x, with older firmware, the MFP is corrupting the XRX_ACCTID information in the job logs (truncating the last character). This will cause any jobs on Xerox EIP1 devices to fail to associate to a shared account if one was being used. Note that this is not a problem if a Xerox EIP2 device is used in PaperCut as it does not use XRX_ACCTID information to track the shared accounts.

340001: Login problems seen on some Xerox devices with PaperCut version 14.0 (Build 25901) (Resolved in 14.0 Build 26241)

A number of Xerox devices (including 52xx, 53xx, 73xx, and 74xx devices) will experience a login error caused by an SSL handshake failure after upgrading to version 14.0 (Build 25901). PaperCut version 14.0 includes new SSL security functionality. For more information here.

340002: SSL/HTTPS Errors with PaperCut MF Release 13.3 Builds 23137 and 23186 (Resolved in 13.3 Build 23214)

Some Xerox devices are having errors creating HTTPS connections to the PaperCut server as a result of an inadvertent downgrade in the Java runtime libraries shipped with PaperCut MF. This problem is resolved in Release 13.3 Build 23214.

340003: Xerox Phaser 3635 firmware problem ( and later) - Resolved in firmware

We received some reports of problems running PaperCut with the Phaser 3635 MFP. The MFP gets into a state that stops PaperCut from downloading the Network Accounting (JBA) logs. The only way to rectify the problem is to restart the MFP.

The symptoms of this problem are errors in the PaperCut device status and logs in one of the forms:

  • “Missing CR” - (this is the most common error)
  • “Unexpected end of file”
  • “The Xerox device is not clearing/purging downloaded jobs.”

This problem occurred on the customer site after upgrading their MFP firmware to version to take advantage of the new USB card reader features. They have also tried firmware version, and with the same results.

PaperCut is working with Xerox US support and affected customers to understand and resolve this issue.

Xerox have confirmed this issue and have raised an internal ticket to get this issue resolved. Xerox have now provided a SPAR firmware release to address this issue. Please upgrade the MFP to SPAR version v20.105.24.000 to resolve this issue. NOTE: Some customers report that you must also perform a “memory clear” from the device service menu after the firmware upgrade (seek the assistance of a Xerox technician).

If problems continue after this SPAR update is installed please report this to support.

340004: Xerox WC 4250 firmware problem - Resolved with firmware version:

Customers have reported issues with the WC 4250 when connected to PaperCut. The MFP can hang or lock-up during the authentication process and can only be recovered with a reboot.

Xerox were made aware of the issue and has it has been addressed in firmware version: “”.

We recommend customers upgrade their MFPs to device firmware version “” (you may need to request this from Xerox).

Please email if you continue to see issues after upgrade to the above firmware.

340005: Xerox WC 53xx copy/fax/scan tracking problem - Resolved by enabling Accounting Auditron

On some EIP1 devices, such as the WC 5325, if one follows the old Secure Access documentation, the tracking of copy/fax/scan may not work. The documentation has been updated to mention that the Accounting Configuration Auditron modes must be enabled as well.

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