Known Issues with older releases of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF (version 14 and earlier)

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This page lists known issues or bugs with the older releases of PaperCut NG and PaperCut MF.

Issues related to recent releases are covered in Known issues KB article.


Google Cloud Print stops printing after a period of time. More info…

14.3. 30238


15.0 (Build 31930)


Find-me print jobs using the Global PostScript Driver do not print on some printers . More info…



(Build 30238)


Some Bulk User Actions may cause “Other emails” to be removed from user accounts. . More info…



(Build 30238)


The PaperCut “db-tools” script on Linux and Novell installations errors with -Xmx256M: not found . More info…



(Build 30238)


CyberSource Secure Acceptance (SA) transactions are rejected in some circumstances. More info…





Error Starting Release Station when using some options. More info…





Heartland Payment Gateway Module: Add Credit appears to hang. More info…

13.5.xxxxx - 14.1.27858


Payment Gateway
Module 14.1.27245


Bulk User Operations may fail with a null error in some situations More info…





Batch user import and update may fail in some situations. More info…



14.1 (Build 26983)


Restricted admin access to user groups and printers does not work as intended More info…





Email to Print job and error response configuration displays garbled characters for non-English translations. More info…



14.0 (Build 26241)


Global Print Driver causes release issues on selected devices More info…

14.3 (Build 30238)


14.3 (Build 30457)

3998: Google Cloud Print stops working after a period of time. (Resolved in 15.0 (Build 31930))

Printing using Google Cloud Print stops printing after functioning for a period of time.

When this issue occurs printing jobs in Google Cloud Print remain in a ‘Queued’ state and printers are shown as offline.

3928: Find-me print jobs using the Global PostScript Driver do not print on some printers (Resolved in 14.3 (Build 30547))

When using the Global PostScript Driver for Find-Me printing, print jobs may not print on some printers. This was an issue introduced in 14.3 (Build 30238).

When this issue occurs the following log appears in the print-provider.log:

replacement_list_apply_rw: Invalid argument: replacement_list=XXX,replacement_list→inline_copies=0

Resolved in 14.3 (Build 30457)

3887: Some Bulk User Actions may cause “Other emails” to be removed from User accounts (Resolved in 14.3 (Build 30238))

When performing a Bulk User Action that changes a users restriction, resets statistics etc, the Other Emails (commonly used with Email Print, Google Cloud Print etc) can be removed from their account.

Resolved in 14.3 (Build 30238)

3892: The PaperCut “db-tools” script on Linux and Novell installations errors with -Xmx256M: not found (Resolved in 14.3 (Build 30238))

Linux or Novell Administrators may encounter the error -Xmx256M: not found when running db-tools

You can contact upgrade to 14.3.30238, or alternatively you can modify the db-tools file with your preferred text editor:

-Djava.awt.headless=true \
-Xmx256M \

Needs to be modified to:

-Djava.awt.headless=true \
-Djsse.enableCBCProtection=false \
-Xmx256M \

000000: CyberSource Secure Acceptance (SA) transactions are rejected in some circumstances. (Resolved 2014–09–04)

People with longer than usual usernames may find that their transaction attempts are rejected.

Installations affected by this will need to contact PaperCut Technical Support for an updated Payment Gateway Installer. Reference: 14.2.28920

000001: Error Starting Release Station when using some options in 14.2 (Resolved with PaperCut 14.2 (Build 28232))

When starting the Release Station Software and using an option that allows backslashes in 14.2, customers may see an error message similar to this:

Error starting release station. Printer in "releases-on" option not in expected format
 of 'server\\printer':

Note: This will only appear when running the 14.2 version of the release station software, and only if you using an option that uses backslash. for example:


in the release station file.

Locally installed release stations that have not been upgraded are not affected.

000002: Heartland Payment Gateway Module versions 13.5 to 14.1.27245 Add Credit Appears to Hang(Resolved in Payment Gateway Module 14.1.27245)

When “Add Credit” is selected on the User Portal with the Heartland Payment Gateway the portal appears to freeze. This was caused by the balance query not functioning appropriately.

Updating the Payment Gateway Module to version 14.1.27245 or newer will resolve this issue.

If you have concerns or require assistance applying the updated Payment Gateway Module please contact support.

This issue has been resolved in the Payment Gateway Module 14.1.27245

000003: Bulk User Operations may fail with a null error in some situations in version 14.1 (Build 26830) (Resolved in 14.1 Build 26983)

When performing a Bulk User Action that only affects a user or group of users Balance and no other setting, the PaperCut Administrator may see a “Null” error in the Progress Window.

Starting Group Member Operations ...
ERROR occurred: null 

000004: Batch user import and update may fail in some situations in version 14.1 (Build 26830) (Resolved in 14.1 Build 26983)

Similar to the Bulk User Operations issue above, if a Batch User Import and Update is used to modify a users balance and does not use the “Other email addresses” field, the import may fail.

The PaperCut Administrator may see a “ERROR processing import file: null “ error in the Progress Window.

Synchronization process starting 
Started batch user data import. 
Encountered an ERROR at line 1: ERROR processing import file: null 
Synchronizing group information... 

000005: Restricted admin access to user groups and printers does not work as intended in version 14.0 Build 25901. (Resolved in 14.0 Build 26241)

Administrators with limited access to a user group or a subset of printers would still be able to access all users and printers.

This issue has been resolved in the PaperCut version 15.1 release.

000006: Email to Print job and error response configuration displays garbled characters for non-English translations (Resolved in 14.0 Build 26241)

The current workaround is to manually edit the responses in the mobile options page. A fix for this issue will be included in the next version of PaperCut.

i000007: Global Print Driver causes release issues on selected devices in 14.3.1 (build 30238) (Resolved, please contact Support)

A regression has been found in the release of PaperCut version 14.3.1 (Build 30238), where sites running the Global Print Driver may see an issue when jobs are released on some printers. A fix has been released and is available through our support team.

Email to Print job and error response configuration displays garbled characters for non-English translations (Resolved in 14.0 Build 26241)

The current workaround is to manually edit the responses in the mobile options page. A fix for this issue will be included in the next version of PaperCut.

An error is shown when an end-user tries to create an new internal account when running PaperCut version 13.5 (Resolved in 14.0)

An issue has been found if a set of options are enabled for internal user creation, where the end-user is given an error stating “An error occurred during registration. Please contact your system administrator for assistance.”

The issue is currently seen if you have an SMTP server setup for email verification, and an end user inputs an Email Address at the user creation screen. If no email address is entered, there will be no error.

A fix for this issue is available by contacting with your current edition of PaperCut (NG or MF). The fix will be released publicly with the next version of PaperCut.

“Override” feature in web-based release station fails for virtual queues (Resolved in release 14.0)

When printing to a virtual queue and overriding the charged account using the web based release station, the print job still gets charged to the original account.

A fix for this issue will be included in the 14.0 release. Please contact support if you would like a custom version of 13.5 that includes the fix.

CUPS 1.7 causes print jobs to error with the reason “An unknown printer language was detected” Resolved in release 13.5)

When printing from a CUPS 1.7 machine to another CUPS 1.7 machine, the print job will appear to be an unknown language, and PaperCut will not be able to read the contents of the CUPS job. The reason for this is due to a feature released in CUPS version 1.7, which by default, has added automatic support for data compression. This means that certain CUPS jobs will be compressed when they enter the print queue, as a GZIP file.

CUPS 1.7 comes by default with Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks, and is provided as a manual download for all other Mac OS X operating systems.

PaperCut releases prior to version 13.5 do not have the ability to unzip/read these files. This has been resolved internally, and will be released with PaperCut version 13.5, due to be released in the coming days.

Payment Gateway Module versions 12.5 to 13.4.24050 with “top-up on-demand” and fractional job costs (resolved in Payment Gateway Module 13.4.24369)

When charging fractions of cents for jobs, such as when using area charging, percentage discounts or print scripts, in conjunction with a top-up on-demand payment gateway, the PaperCut transaction logs may be incorrect by one cent (compared with the amount actually deducted from the payment gateway). This also applies to transaction reports.

Updating the Payment Gateway Module to version 13.4.24369 or newer will resolve this issue. If you have concerns or require assistance performing reconciliation please contact support.

Version 13.4 and below: Updating the PaperCut Application Server platform to Mac OS 10.9 causes PaperCut to stop running (Resolved in 13.5)

Due to major changes in Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) Java platform, it is highly recommended customers do not upgrade to the latest Mac OS version if they are running PaperCut. This includes Primary and Secondary Application servers along with desktop/laptop machines interacting with PaperCut via the client application.

Our development team are aware of the issues and code changes have been put into place already. The updated software is to be included in the next public release.

We have had some reports of the “Java for OS X 2013-005” update from Apple resolving this issue if you have already upgraded to OS 10.9.

Version 13.3 and below: iOS printing issues when updating to iOS7 (resolved in 13.4 Build 24032)

With the release of iOS7 to Apple iPad and iPhone devices, there has been a change in the way the print job is generated. The print job is now sent with the username “mobile” attached to it rather than “guest” as seen in iOS5 and iOS6.

This can have a couple of impacts depending on your PaperCut environment:

  1. If “On Demand” user creation is set to ‘do not create user and deny print jobs’, print jobs from iOS devices will be denied automatically. iOS print jobs will not show in the PaperCut iOS App.
  2. If “On Demand” user creation is set to do not create user and allow print jobs, print jobs from iOS devices will be allowed through but will not be tracked by PaperCut.
  3. If “On Demand” user creation is set to ‘create user on demand (default)’ and “New User Settings” for the [All Users] group creates restricted users, print jobs from iOS devices will be denied automatically when the “mobile” User account has a zero balance. iOS print jobs will not show in the PaperCut iOS App.
  4. If “On Demand” user creation is set to ‘create user on demand (default)’ and “New User Settings” for the [All Users] group creates un-restricted users, print jobs from iOS devices will be charged to that user account. If the [All Users] group’s “New User Settings” configures either the Standard or Advanced Account Selection popup, iOS print jobs will time out.

To resume printing as previously, you will need to ensure that the User “mobile” exists in PaperCut and is set to unauthenticated. This can done by logging into the PaperCut Administration Console, selecting the Users tab, and searching for the User “mobile”. Select the User “mobile” to open the User Details.

Scroll down to Advanced Options (below the Balance graph) and select “Unauthenticated user (enable popup authentication)

You may need to restart the PaperCut App on your iOS device for the change to take effect.

The PaperCut Development team are working on an enhancement to PaperCut that is low impact to existing installations.

If you have further questions please email PaperCut Technical support:

Version 13.3: Internal users can not change passwords in some configurations. (resolved in 13.4 Build 24032)

When users do not have the rights to change their PINs they will also not have the right to change their password if they are an Internal User.

Customers may enable password changes and PIN changes to work around this issue via Options -> Allow users to change their card/ID PIN.

Please contact PaperCut Technical Support if you require an interim fix. Please include your PaperCut version and Operating System(s) when you do contact us.

Version 13.3 and below: Mac OS X Servers are unable to generate print archive images. (resolved in 13.4 Build 24032)

When print archiving is enabled it is not possible generate and display images of the archive and PaperCut fails to describe the problem correctly. This has been resolved internally and will be available as part of the 13.4 release. If you are currently experiencing this problem please contact support for an interim fix.

Version 13.3 and below: Mac OS X workstations with IPv6 enabled may not follow client login timeout settings. (resolved in 13.4 Build 24032)

The IPv6 loopback address is incorrectly recognized as a unique IP address and selected client session timeouts will not work as intended. This has been resolved internally and will be available as part of the 13.4 release.

Version 13.3 Build 23137: “Bulk user actions” might not work with some combinations of settings. (resolved in version 13.3.23186)

Applying settings to multiple users via “Bulk user actions” link may not work with some combinations of settings selected.

Version 13.2 Build 22278: Updating Java (2013–004) on Mac causes the PaperCut client to be “greyed out”. (Resolved by Apple update and PaperCut 13.3)

A recent software update for Mac OS X can cause issues with the PaperCut user client, resulting in gray screens or becoming unresponsive.

Apple has since released a revised version of this update which will fix the issue.

If you still see the issue after installing the revised update, we have released a manual hotfix.

We have made changes to the client so that similar issues caused by Mac system updates will be avoided. This was released with PaperCut version 13.3 (Build 23137).

Version 13.2 Build 22088: Print Script popups may not appear in rare situations (resolved in 13.2 Build 22278)

If using printer script popups, this script may not appear if the popup is displayed before “analysis is completed”. i.e. if your script using a popup starts with the following you will not be affected.

  if (!inputs.job.isAnalysisComplete) {
    // No job details yet so return.

Most scripts contain this condition so are not affected by this issue. If you are affected by this issue then copying the above into the top of your printJobHook script method.

This will be resolved in the next release.

Mac workstations: the Mac patch/update “Java for OS X 2013–003” prevents the client pop-ups from appearing on top of other windows

Prior to this Mac update the PaperCut client tool could display pop-ups on top of other windows. After this update is installed, the client’s dock icon will bounce, but the pop-up window will not appear on top. PaperCut developers are working on a workaround for this issue. In the meantime, options include:

  1. Holding back the update.
  2. Users must click on the bouncing dock icon to see their pop-up.

Version 13.2 Build 21453: When using “Standard” charging some print jobs may not process (resolved in 13.2.22088)

Print jobs with with paper sizes that cannot be determined (and would appear in PaperCut as CUSTOM) combined with the “Standard” pricing model may not process properly.

The following error message will appear in the PaperCut Admin Dashboard and App. Log.

Failed to process print job: Calculating costs before loading settings

Customers affected by this can change to another pricing model to resume normal operation.

Version 13.1 Build 21453: Jobs from some RISO and low-end HP printers may not be logged (resolved in 13.1.21541)

This issue affects some RISO and low-end HP printers (like the P1505). Jobs may not be logged by PaperCut when page-level color detection is enabled for the printer. This issue is corrected in newer versions. Alternatively, disable page-level color detection on the printer in question.

Versions 13.0 and 13.1.21453: Upgrade problem on Oracle database (resolved in 13.1.21541)

Sites using Oracle database may have an issue upgrading to PaperCut 13.0/13.1 from previous versions. This can occur if you do not have any admin users and/or admin groups defined. PaperCut will resolve this issue in our next release.

As a work-around, you will need to run the following DB tools commands on the command prompt after stopping the application server:

    “db-tools run-sql “update tbl_config set property_value = ‘fix-upgrade’ 
     where property_value is null and property_name = ‘auth.admin-users’ ”

    “db-tools run-sql “update tbl_config set property_value = ‘fix-upgrade’ 
     where property_value is null and property_name = ‘auth.admin-groups’ ”

The property value could be anything other than blank.

Windows 8 “Cannot create shortcut” dialog box message (resolved in 13.1)

A dialog box with this message is seen on Windows 8 computers with Roaming Profiles running the PaperCut client tool. It comes from PaperCut’s Windows 8 Toast notification.

Print Archiving from Windows print servers to Unix/Linux primary server (resolved in 13.1)

Print archiving will not work for print jobs sent from a Windows print server to a Linux or Mac primary server.

Version 13.0 Build 20726: Print Archiving image support on Windows 2008 (resolved in 13.0.20822)

An issue has been found on Windows 2008 64-bit Server Standard (non R2 systems). After enabling print archiving and installing the recommended Ghost Trap viewer conversion software, PaperCut will not detect Ghost Trap and incorrectly reports that the viewer software is not installed. PaperCut will not generate print job image previews. This issue does not affect Windows 2008 R2 or any 32-bit systems.

Symptoms: After installing Ghost Trap the viewer software, print jobs do not appear as images, and the Options screen still recommends the installation of viewer software.

Manual Workaround: System Administrators affected by this issue can work around this problem by adding a registry key as follows:

1. Ensure Ghost Trap is installed.
2. Download and unzip this registry definition file.
3. Double-click on the *.reg file to import the key.
4. Click Ok.
5. Verify that the image conversion software is now detected under Options -> Print Archiving.

Note: This fix assumes Ghost Trap is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\GhostTrap. If the install path is different you may need to manually edit the path in key HKLM\Software\GhostTrap\InstallPath.

PayPal Payflow Link and Realex Realauth Redirect payment gateways inaccessible over port 80 (resolved with a payment gateway update)

Users may have experienced connectivity problems with these two payment gateways when configured to listen on port 80. This issue was resolved with a payment gateway module update.

PayPal Payment Gateway issues with non-latin characters in names and street addresses

Some sites have reported issues with accepting payments when the user enters a name or an address that contains non-latin characters. To support this with PaperCut’s payment gateway, you must enable UTF-8 support in PayPal’s console as follows:

  1. Log into your PayPal merchant account
  2. Click the Profile link in the menu bar under My Account
  3. Click the Language Encoding link under the Selling Preferences column
  4. Click More Options
  5. Set Encoding to UTF-8
  6. Click Save

This procedure will be documented as standard setup in the PaperCut Payment Gateway PayPal manual in the next release.

Mobile Print Release print queue lists load slowly on large sites (resolved in 12.5.19702)

For sites with a large amount of printers Mobile Print Release may load the recent and popular print queue lists slowly.

Issue with iOS printing (aka AirPrint) on iOS 6. (resolved in 12.4.19158)

After updating to the latest iOS 6 update some sites may experience an issue where printers may not be listing on the iPad and iPhone. This will be addressed in the next release. A hotfix is available.

A small number of customers have reported that logging into the PaperCut iOS App results in a “flickering” that prevents use of the App. This appears to only happen to some devices that are running iOS6. Customers are advised to contact PaperCut Technical Support for further assistance.

Version 12.4: Printer scripting ‘utils’ namespace (resolved in 12.4.19158)

The printer scripting ‘util’ namespace was renamed to ‘utils’ for consistency in this release, however some references to this were not updated. Users of the ‘send email’ printer script should update their scripts to reference ‘utils’ instead. Future versions of PaperCut will allow both versions to be used for better backwards compatibility. (This issue is often associated with the error message: TypeError: Cannot call method “sendEmail” of undefined )

XPS File support issue in Web Print in 12.4 (resolved in 12.4.18828)

Customers setting up a fresh Web Print Sandbox server may have issues supporting the XPS file format. This will not affect upgraded installations.

Version 12.4: Client MSI installation error (resolved in 12.4.18828)

An error with Client .MSI installer (pc-client-admin-deploy.msi) would prevent installation, with the message “Error reading from file: ...Verify that the file exists and that you can access it”.

Printer Filters & Restrictions - Maximum Copies does not save (resolved in 12.4)

When editing a printer’s Filters & Restrictions, the Maximum Copies filter value may become disabled or set to zero. If this occurs, please re-enter a value and click Apply.

Version 12.3: Internet Cost Control Wizard does not complete (resolved in 12.4)

Please note: The PaperCut Internet Cost Control module is now end of life for new customers.

Customers setting up the Internet Cost Control module for the first time may find that the PaperCut Internet Provider Service Setup Wizard stops with the message “Writing config file: C:\[app-path]\providers\net\”.

Version 12.3: Admin Rights page may fail to load (resolved in 12.3.17992)

Some sites have experienced an error accessing the Admin Rights page in version 12.3 after having previously added admin users with full rights. The error page indicates Unable to resolve expression 'isAdminUserFullAccess('.

Limiting Printer Deployment for iPad/iPhone/iOS printing does not work (resolved in 12.3)

When adding the text “No iOS” to the Location field. E.g. “Lab G4.01 (No iOS)” PaperCut will still advertise the print queue via Bonjour/mDNS.

Duplicate Job Filter does not deny Watermarked print jobs

When Watermarking and Duplicate Job Filters are enabled on a queue, the Duplicate Job Filter will not be correctly applied.

Watermarking and duplex and grayscale filters on virtual printers using PaperCut ports on Windows (resolved in 12.3)

Watermarking and the duplex and grayscale filters will not work for virtual printers on Windows when the virtual printers use a Windows PaperCut Printer Port.

Version 12.2: Can’t access advanced print scripting in French (resolved in 12.3)

In this release the Scripting tab is not working when logged in as an administrator with the interface in French.

Version 12.1: Issue with Executive Summary Report graphs when running MS SQL Server (resolved in 12.2)

If running PaperCut with MS SQL Server, the charts in the Executive Summary Report may not reflect real data or may be out of order. The other data listed on the report is correct.

Printer language support for duplex and grayscale filters

Duplex and grayscale filters are initially fully supported for PCL5, PCL6 and PostScript. There may be full or partial support for other printer languages.

Version 12.0: Issues with watermarking and duplex and grayscale filters (resolved in 12.1)

Some customers have that reported problems with watermarking and the duplex and grayscale filters, when used in conjunction with the Windows PaperCut Printer Port. This issue affects version 12.0 only and was resolved in version 12.1.

Version 12.0: Card/ID logins to release stations (resolved in 12.1)

Card or ID based logins to the PaperCut Release Station software (standalone software only) may fail with a yellow warning message. A patch is available to resolve this issue. To apply the patch:

1. Download pc-release-12.0.jar.
2. Replace the existing file by the same name at [app-path]/release/lib.
3. If you have locally installed release stations, also replace the file by the same name on the workstations.

Please contact support if you require assistance.

Version 12.0: Print job redirection (resolved in version 12.0.16353)

PaperCut version 12.0.16338 can cause problems when print jobs are redirected between print queues (e.g. load balancing or find-me printing). A fix for this problem will be available ASAP.

Version 12.0: Incorrect stdin/stdout/stderr error messages on Unix platforms (resolved in 12.1)

In PaperCut version 12.0 the print-provider.log file may report errors of the form “Failed to open stdin when running command…pc-print-monitor”. This can be typically seen when the hardware check feature is turned on. Please disregard these error messages as they are incorrect and were falsely triggered. This has been fixed from version 12.1 onwards.

Executive Summary Report in version 12.0 (resolved in 12.1)

Long printer names may cause layout issues with the executive summary report. Version 12.0.16353 makes some improvements to these layout issues. The remaining layout issues will be resolved in version 12.1, along with a chart being added to this report.

PayPal Payflow Link payment gateway - new accounts not working (resolved with payment gateway update)

Customers signing up for new PayPal Payflow Link accounts with PayPal may find that integration with PaperCut does not function correctly (balances not updated), due to a Paypal migration. This issue was resolved with a payment gateway module update.

iPad Printing - login fails if username is entered with uppercase characters (resolved in 12.0)

If a user attemps a login to the iPad printing interface with a username with uppercase characters the user will be redirected back to the login screen (i.e. they will not be able to log in).

This issue has been resolved and will be included in the 12.0 release. In the meantime, the work-around is to use lowercase usernames to login.

Mac OS Lion (OS X 10.7) (documentation updated in 11.5)

Customers using smb://username:password@servername/queue will now need to add in the SMB port to the connection string. The connection string should now read smb://username:password@servername:139/queue.

Mac OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7.x - Duplicate “local” print queues (resolved in 11.5)

Customers may see duplication of print queues. These print queues will have an entry for both the localhost and fully-qualified domain name of the machine. We have added a workaround in PaperCut version 11.5 to accommodate this change in the operating system.

Version 11.5.15204 - Currency symbol on Web Cashier Purchase page (resolved in 11.5.15370)

The new Web Cashier feature has problems in regions using a currency sign other than “$” (e.g. UK, Europe, Brazil). A patch is available to resolve the issue. A workaround is to enable the custom currency sign option at “Options → General”. This issue was resolved in version 11.5.15370.

Version 11.4.14579 - Issue updating group memberships with Active Directory and multi-domain support enabled (resolved in 11.4.14716)

Customers using multiple domain support in Windows Active Directory may experience a synchronization error 2147220904 when a group only exists on one domain. A patch for this is available from PaperCut Support on request.

When requesting patches or builds from support, please reference this Knowledge Base article in your request.

Version 11.4 - Client pop-up issues with some Linux print servers using IPv6 (resolved in 11.4.14716)

There is a problem seen on some Linux installations with IPv6 enabled which can cause problems communicating with the PaperCut User Client for such things as Account Selection and Job Notifications. A new PaperCut installer is available from PaperCut support on request.

All Versions - Web Print sandbox requires app restart after upgrade (resolved in 11.4.14716)

After upgrading PaperCut when running a Web Print sandbox system, Web Print may be inaccessible to users, and the status may display as not configured in the admin interface. Restarting the Web Print GUI on the sandbox system should resolve the issue. Future upgrades (versions 11.5+) will not require a restart of the Web Print GUI.

Version 11.3 - user web interface on iPhone (resolved in 11.4)

A problem in version 11.3 prevents accessing the user web interface for iPhone. A patch is available on request to support. This issue was resolved in version 11.4.

Version 11.3 (and earlier) - (resolved in 11.4)

There has been reports for problems in Mac OS 10.6.8 and PaperCut client pop-up authentication. In some cases, this has been attributed to CUPS receiving the client address in ipv6 format but with non standard prefix and suffixes. This can be seen if debug on the print-provider.conf file is on, by the line: Jul 26 18:18:03 DEBUG: Found job-originating-host-name= : '[v1.fe80::61e:64ff:feec:5d29+en0]' which has a “v1.” extra prefix and “+en0” extra suffix. This issue was resolved in version 11.4.

There have been problems reported with the PaperCut TCP/IP Port Monitor and printing jobs to certain HP Printers. One could find that the final page could be truncated or entirely missing in the print out and appeared to happen only occasionally. This issue was resolved in version 11.4.

Version 11.3.14148 (resolved in 11.3.14286)

There are a couple of problems with use of the PaperCut TCP/IP port and SNMP Hardware Page Count verification, in regards to the printer queue being in error. One problem is that on some printers, the printer error status of “Input Tray Empty” is returned even if the primary page tray is not empty and not stopping jobs from printing. Currently, we allow this error to stop the print job and wait for the user to rectify it, instead of just ignoring this error state. If the printer is in error complaining about its paper tray being empty, and it is causing the queue to be in error, then contact support for a configuration change to ignore this error state. The other problem is that users printing without the “Manage Printers” permission will cause an operation to fail in the Port Monitor, resulting in the printer queue going into a generic error state. These have been fixed in 11.3.14286.

Version 11.2.13713 (resolved in 11.2.13941)

Sites running PaperCut on Mac print servers and also using user client popups may experience slow popups for large print jobs or when the print queues are busy.

This has been resolved in 11.2.13941 for the Mac.

Version 11.0 (resolved in 11.1)

There are some rendering problems when then Admin interface is accessed from older Firefox version 2. This prevents you from selecting interface tabs. We will endeavor to address this in future releases. In the meantime the solution is to only access the interface with Firefox version 3.0 or later.

Version 10.7 & 11.0 on Linux

Sites running PaperCut on Linux running Web Print in Sandbox mode should take care after upgrading to version 10.7 or 11.0. These new versions have support for Web Print Simple Mode. Simple Mode and Sandbox Mode should not be enabled at the same time. If the Linux installer check for the detection of sandbox mode fails, the installer may enable Simple Mode causing a conflict. This may be observed by some jobs listing as Error: Unable to find a suitable mime handler. The solution is to ensure Simple Mode is disabled after install. See directions in the Important box here.

Version 10.6 & 10.7 (resolved in 11.0)

The account selection client does not remember the previously selected account. This requires the user to reselect the account for each print job. A patch to resolve this issue is available for both 10.6 and 10.7. Please contact support for further information.

Version 10.6 (resolved in 10.7.12373)

When using the “Copy Settings” feature, custom positions for watermark settings do not copy properly. Customers will need to confirm settings when using the “Copy Settings”

A page count problem was introduced in 10.5.11681 for a variety of Fuji/Xerox printers using PCL6 print drivers whereby page counts are halved. Please contact support for a Print Provider hot-fix if you are experiencing this problem.

Web-Print users who upgrade to Adobe Reader X (version 10) will need to turn off the new enhanced security features for continued operation. This can be done via EditPreferencesGeneral → un-check “Enable Protected Mode at Startup”. Please note that this is a per-user setting. This change will need to be done as the Web-Print user regardless of Web-Print being configured in simple mode or sandbox mode.

Version 10.5 (resolved in 10.6.12104)

Customers using both Web Print and Hold/Release queues may experience an issue where jobs are tracked as the Web Print Server service account rather than the actual user. This can be worked around by modifying the Web Print config key web-print.job-idle-timeout-mins and setting it to a value, in minutes, that is higher than the Hold/Release queue timeout.

Using the Config Editor is covered here.

Version 10.5 (resolved in 10.5.11715)

A problems was introduced in the initial 10.5 release that caused the Windows print provider service to crash occaisionally on busy print servers. Updating to 10.5.11715 will resolve this issue and is recommended for all customers running earlier 10.5 releases.

Version 10.5 (resolved in 10.5.11681)

Internet Charging: An issue has been identified that can stop Internet Usage from being logged.

Sites running PaperCut OES Linux Cluster Servers may need to update their cluster resource configuration script. More details on the Novell OES Linux Known Issues KB Article.

Version 10.4 (resolved in 10.5)

When working with Scheduled Reports users may experience a session error when ordering the Scheduled Reports table by the Recipients/Locations column. The following error message will be shown:

Unable to resolve expression ‘tableRowsIterator’ for

To work around this issue, please make sure you close your web browser and reopen the PaperCut administration console to continue working. Please note that closing the web browser tab may not be sufficient.

Print scripting pop-ups with account selection pop-ups (all versions)

If using account selection (or confirmation) pop-ups at the same time as print scripting pop-ups (such as print policy notifications), then the print job details on the account selection pop-up will not be displayed.

A workaround is to use the script hook printJobAfterAccountSelectionHook instead of printJobHook.

Version 10.2 (resolved in 10.3)

The new PCL6 page-level color detection is not working with recent Ricoh PCL6 drivers. A hotfix is available on request. An alternate solution is to use the Postscript or PCL5 drivers if available.

Some Mac sites have highlighted client startup issues on recently patched Mac OSX 10.6 systems when a login-hook is used. An “Application Stub” error message displays on startup and the client fails to start. A hotfix can be supplied to address this. The issue will also be addressed in PaperCut version 10.3 onwards.

Versions 10.0 to 10.2

Sites using internal users with self-registration and unauthenticated printing: the Register as a New User link on the client authentication pop-up may display as white text on a gray background. This will be resolved in the next version. A workaround is to set (uncomment) the link-color option in the client file.

Version 10.1.9816 (resolved in 10.2)

Running a PDF or HTML report may cause an error if running PaperCut on a Linux primary server without the MS fonts pack installed. It was not intended that installing the MS fonts pack be a requirement, so in the next release this error will no longer be raised. In the meantime installing the MS fonts pack for your distribution will suppress the error. On Debian based distributions the relevant package is called ttf-mscorefonts-installer, on SuSE it is fetchmsttfonts, for RedHat users you can build from source available here:

Version 10.1.9802 (resolved in 10.1.9816)

When creating a new scheduled report users may experience an error that stops the creation of the report. Upgrading to version 10.1.9816 or later will address this issue.

Version 10.0 (resolved in 10.1.9802)

If the client software is started with the --minimized option and the account selection pop-up is enabled, in some rare situations the client may consume high CPU until the window is focused in the foreground. This issue only affects the Windows operating system. A patch is available if required. The alternate solution is to temporarily remove the start --minimized option.

Web Print users may experience issues when printing PDF files generated in Open Office that have a Title added to the document properties. To work around this issue the author of the PDF can deselect Display document title under File -> Export PDF -> User Interface when creating the PDF document.

PaperCut on Debian Linux (netbase 4.39–4.40)

A change in the above Debian version update breaks networking in many applications. The PaperCut application server may fail to start and/or fail to accept connections (i.e. cannot access the web interface). There is contention over whether the change is a bug or the right thing to do. More information and a workaround (set net.ipv6.bindv6only=0) are available in this Debian bug report:

Version 9.X on Mac 10.6 and Linux running CUPS 1.4 (resolved in 9.8)

A change in CUPS 1.4 will prevent PaperCut’s pop-up authentication working.

Version 9.7 (resolved in 9.8)

There is a bug in “Printer environmental impact - summary” which prevents the report from running.

Versions 9.5 and 9.6 (resolved in 9.7)

There is a problem accessing the iPhone user web interface in these versions.

Version 9.0 through 9.5 (resolved in 9.6)

We’ve had some of our very large sites report stability problems when running PaperCut version 9.X prior to version 9.6.8855 on Windows 2003/8 servers. The symptoms include:

  • The server drops off the network for no explainable reason
  • Random network connection issues (e.g. file shares dropping off)
  • Errors about out of “non-paged pool memory” in the Windows Event Log

If any large sites are experiencing these problems should upgrade to the latest release (9.6.8855 or higher). Full details below:

PaperCut uses an embedded web server called Jetty. This is a popular open source embedded web server and is used by organizations including Google who use Jetty in Google App Engine. In PaperCut version 9, we enabled Jetty’s support for asynchronous-IO (non-blocking IO). This increases PaperCut’s scalability by removing the one-thread-per-connection limit. This change however has had the side affect of triggering stability problem on some servers running on very large networks. It seems that PaperCut (via Jetty) is triggering a memory leak in the Window TCP/IP stack and kernel - a leak in non-paged pooled memory. This leak causes unpredictable behavior in the OS in the networking area (i.e. connection problems) and can only be addressed by a server reboot. The memory is not released even when PaperCut is quit as the bug is at the operating system kernel level in the Windows TCP stack.
We have thousands of customers running PaperCut, and very few sites are affected. It’s only an issue on Windows 2003/2008 running on large networks and may be related to a particular server configuration or network driver and/or combination. We have the team at Jetty working on this now. Jetty is an open source project so we’ve financially contributed to the developers so they can dedicate more time to this issue. The issue however is likely to be a Microsoft bug and it may not be possible to work around it so we will be reverting back to the old behavior for our next release. In 9.6 we’ve added a new configuration option that allows sites to revert back to the old I/O behavior if they are affected by the issue.
Thanks to the guys at University of Iowa and Miami Dade College for helping us and the Jetty team’s assistance in tracking down this issue.

Version 9.6.8761 (resolved in 9.7)

Sites using the web-print in “simple” mode may find that the web-print service stops if using 3rd party service monitoring tools.

Web Print jobs submitted with a document name containing non-Latin (e.g. Chinese) letters may not print in some cases.

Version 9.5 (resolved in 9.6)

Sites using Find Me Printing or printer load balancing may find that jobs are not redirected to the optimal queue under the following conditions:

  • if admin printer error notifications are disabled
  • if printers re-error (error, cleared, error again) within a few hours

Admin printer error notifications may also not be delivered for printers that re-error within a few hours.

This issue was addressed in version 9.6. The behavior may be improved on earlier versions by enabling admin printer error notifications via

Options -> Notifications -> System Notifications -> Notify when printers are in error.

Also if the printer name contains an ampersand (&), then the jobs may not be correctly redirected to this printer. This has also been fixed in 9.6.

Version 9.2.7214

This version contains a bug where the client’s task tray icon will not display if the client is started with the --silent option. Sites running build 7214 that are experiencing this problem should look at upgrading to version 9.2 build 7345.

Version 9.0.7022 (resolved in 9.1)

This release includes a problem for sites running PaperCut on Mac Servers that also use the Windows user client or release station. The Windows user client and release station includes a corrupt file that causes these to fail to start. NOTE: This does not affect the Mac client or release station. The problem is corrected in version 9.1.7117.

Version 9.0 also contains a regression where some Postscript drivers would report incorrect page sizes.

Version 8.5.6666 (resolved in 8.5.6739)

This release includes a bug in the scheduled email reports. Reports with selected parameter combinations may not deliver with the correct date range.

Version 8.5.6595 (resolved in 8.5.6666)

This release contains a screen layout problem in IE 6 causing selected logo’s to lay out incorrectly. The current solution is to upgrade to IE 7 or Firefox, or transition to 8.5.6666 or higher.

Note: Full version and build number information is listed under the About page

See the release notes for information and a list of known issues with older releases not listed on this page:

The latest version is always available from the download pages:

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