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RPJL on Ricoh MPc2000 / 2500 / 3000

Some PaperCut customers have experienced image dropouts on RPJL printers when their documents are converted to grayscale by PaperCut. Documents are printed with text, linework and grayscale images intact but with color images missing.

This has been seen only on Ricoh MPc2000 / 2500 /3000 printers which are older Ricoh models. We believe the problem does not exist on newer Ricoh models which have a different PCL6 interpreter.

If you see experience this problem and you are not using PaperCut 14.1 then you should not enable grayscale conversion.

Before we understood this problem, we disabled grayscale conversion for RPJL printers as of PaperCut 14.1. We did this as our highest priority was to not corrupt customers’ prints. If you have PaperCut 14.1 and a newer RJPL printer (not MPc2000/2500/3000) then upgrading to PaperCut 14.2 or later will re-enable conversion.

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