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Wiki vs CMS … we have a winner!

Since the last blog I’ve spent quite a lot of time researching tools to use for our knowledge base, FAQs, etc. I’ve looked at about 5 different CMS systems ( Drupal , Mambo , Plone , etc). But they’re all a bit over the top for our needs. So I started looking more into wikis.

We need something that is:

  • simple to customise the look and feel
  • supports security (so no just anyone can update pages)
  • make editing pages and articles easy
  • allows our resellers to translate the pages
  • needs to be hostable by our provider without a DB

That cuts down the field considerably.

I downloaded and installed about 6-7 different wikis, that were mostly powered by PHP (which we can run on our web servers). I ruled out most due to their dependence on a database, and others because they were hard to customise the look. I also really hate the look of wikis WhenAllTheLinksOnTheirPagesLookLikeThis. In the end I decided that a simple wiki called pmWiki was the way to go. It’s simple, configurable and it works!

Within about 20 minutes I had it up and running and looking just like the main Papercut site . It needs a little bit of tweaking, but not much.

It’s going to make creating great documentation easy, which leads to higher quality docs and satisfied customers. (Hopefully!) ;)