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Many companies have a Jobs/Employment section on their website. We’re a small company with very low staff turn over and hence rarely advertise positions. We do however have one going right now! Quite a few people subscribe to our blog, so I thought we’d do some shameless self promotion and post the position here:

Love coding? Become a part of our smart, technically focused team in developing a class-leading product sold to thousands world-wide.

The Company: PaperCut Software located in Mount Waverley, Melbourne. We develop print, copier and internet control software that’s used in education and business. Our application, PaperCut, has been around since 1999 and is in use in tens-of-thousands of organisations in over 60 countries. PaperCut is a ’technically focused’ company. We do very little marketing and prefer to put the investment into our development and let the product sell itself. This approach has worked well for us and we’ve had double-digit growth and have been profitable for all years of existence. We’re a small team of 4 developers and we’re looking for an experienced developer to join us.

The Technology: Each month PaperCut is downloaded and evaluated by hundreds of people world-wide. PaperCut must be dead simple to install, reliable, and have a great user interface. First impressions count! We’re very proud of the product and are looking for a developer who can make the product even better and has great pride in the quality of their work.

Our application is a cross-platform solution of around 1/2 a million lines of code and targets Windows, Mac and Linux. We’re quite language agnostic and prefer to choose the right language for the task at hand. The majority of the code is written in Java (Hibernate, Spring, Tapestry stack) with large chunks in C/C++ (OS integration layer), and Perl, Python and Shell scripts.

Developing at PaperCut is challenging as our application is used in a variety of environments ranging from 5 user networks all the way to 350,000 users. As a result we need to get our hands dirty on technologies such as clustering, multi-threaded development and effective database design. You will work on all aspects of the product.

The Job: We’re looking for an experienced developer with at least 5 years experience. Having a background in Java and an interest in cross-platform development using open source technologies would be an advantage, but if you’re a guru in any language then please apply. The ideal candidate will have a passion for technology, be a great communicator and enjoy working in small smart focused team. We have a flat structure and all developers are involved in all areas of the business. Your contribution and involvement will range from conception through to implementation and sale. We’re also looking forward to hiring someone with new fresh ideas, energy and the desire to implement them.

Location: Located in Mount Waverley nearby trains, buses and ample parking.

Date available: Flexible

Salary: $80k to $110k + Super

How to apply: Please send us your CV along with a cover letter to jobs [a] papercut-dot-com. Address to Chris Dance. In your cover letter, please detail your passion for software development, and why you think you would be the perfect addition to our team.

Applications will close on 25th August 2008.

PS:~ Mention you found this on our blog for bonus points :-)


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