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As you all can tell from reading our blog, PaperCut is very much an engineering driven organization. What does this mean? Well, in short, our company is stacked full of engineers and computer geeks! We love computers, love programming, and love working with smart customers. Our engineering team (as opposed to a marketing team) controls our company direction and priorities.

Marketing, although still important, does take a back seat here at PaperCut. We don’t have any marketing staff at all! Over the years we’ve found that nothing has helped sell PaperCut more than simply “making it better”! Instead of spending money on glossy magazine ads, we re-invest into a better PaperCut. Having the best technology and relying on word-of-mouth is our model. Our advertising is you.

Most of the word-of-mouth support is just that - you talking to fellow IT system administrators. Occasionally however it takes a different form such as this this great article on Tech Republic , or this blog post by Ken over at ChangeForge. We also can’t forget the EduGeek tribe .

We also love reading about how our handywork is used. It might be:

And as an engineer there is also nothing more rewarding than seeing your latest work being appreciated. In 2009 we began a formal voting process to prioritize our development. Thousands of our users voted and Web Print quickly hit the number one spot. We pushed it up the priority list and got it does as quickly as we could. It’s great to see   so   many   people   now benefiting from this work! ( Print scripting is our latest feature, so if you have any good ideas or feedback here, please share)

From all the engineers here at PaperCut, a big thanks to our marketing team - YOU!


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