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PaperCut 19.1 – print queue deployment made easy

We’re taking our launch campaign global, and letting you to do the same with our first ever ‘Campaign in a box.’ Learn more .

Release 19.1 introduces Extension Packs – purchasable add-ons for customers to extend and enhance their PaperCut solution. Learn more .

What’s new in PaperCut MF 19.1?
What’s new in PaperCut NG 19.1?

PaperCut’s been solving print management for a long time – 20 years, in fact . That’s all well and good, but what about the print enablement piece of the puzzle?

Deploying print queues, for example? Now that’s something that’s annoyed sysadmins forever, and it’s only been getting worse… Until now.

Yep, we’ve solved print queue deployment; and it comprises just one of several new (or improved) features in PaperCut 19.1. Let’s take a look…

Print Deploy takes the complexity out of print queue deployment to put productivity back in business. It gets the right driver and the right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically.

It solves many complex challenges system admins face today. Here are five ways Print Deploy helps them:

  1. Print queues are dynamically deployed as mobile staff move between branches, stores, or campuses.
  2. Native drivers are installed along with default settings (grayscale, duplex etc) and capabilities (stapling, hole punching etc).
  3. It doesn’t matter whether printing to a server or directly to a printer in a print-serverless environment .
  4. Mac and Windows computers are supported (with Linux and Chromebooks to come shortly).
  5. There’s support for computers that are not joined to a local domain (e.g. G Suite or Microsoft Azure AD).

Print Deploy – easy to set up, easy to use

Print Deploy gets the right driver and the right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically

Importantly, it means your customers only need one application to manage print queue deployment and print management, because we made Print Deploy a part of PaperCut MF and NG.

Scan to SharePoint Online

Scan to SharePoint Online joins our other cloud connectors such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to expand our Scan to Cloud Storage service.

Setting up scan actions in cloud storage in the PaperCut Admin interface

It’s super easy to set up. Admins simply nominate (or create) a dedicated scan folder on the team’s SharePoint document library.

Using it’s easy, too. Like, one-click easy. When a user’s at the MFD, it’s just a single click to send the scan to the SharePoint folder.

Save time by scanning directly to your SharePoint Online document library with a single click

Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem)

Despite the prevalence of cloud services for business, many organizations still prefer to store their scanned documents on local servers or within their own secure hosted IT systems.

The new Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) feature means you can now use OCR on your onsite scanned documents.

Setting up locally hosted OCR (On Prem) with single server in the PaperCut Admin interface

Wait, hang on – what’s OCR again? OCR (optical character recognition) digitizes documents making them text-searchable AND editable.

Just a heads-up, we launched Cloud OCR in the 19.0 release. It allows documents to be scanned and OCR’d using PaperCut’s Cloud Service.

Create editable and searchable PDF documents securely within your local or hosted IT systems

Need to support multilingual customers and teams? Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) supports up to ten simultaneous languages for detection and extraction.

Admins can choose up to 10 languages to be in the OCR extraction process

Language selection at the MFD

Great news: users can now change their language choice at the printer and, uh… that’s it. Seriously. It’s pretty easy to use.

Much like OCR’s language options above, it’s an important new feature for multilingual teams – especially in countries like Canada and Germany that have [language laws]().

Their choice will follow them around, regardless of the MFD they use or the location they’re in. This is currently available for Ricoh, Sharp, and Kyocera devices, with more to follow soon.

Custom reporting and one-click report refresh

Customers have been asking for more flexibility in creating detailed reports to go with the current set of standard reports available in PaperCut today. So, we did something about it.

In this release we provide a way to run reports inside PaperCut that you’ve built yourself using [Jaspersoft Studio]().

These customized reports help you dig deep into the details that concern your organization. Now you can find and analyse the data you need to make solid decisions about your printing environment.

Of course, providing customized reports wasn’t enough for our intrepid developers – they wanted to refresh our most popular one-click reports (as voted by our partners) as well. So, we let them.

Below is the list of updated pleasing-on-the-eye reports. Check them out in more detail .

  1. Exec Summary Report
  2. User Reports – Largest Print users
  3. User Reports – User print/copy/scan/fax
  4. User Reports – User printing – logs
  5. User Reports – User configuration
  6. Printer Reports – Printer usage – summary
  7. Group Reports – Group print/copy/scan/fax
  8. Shared Account Reports – Group print/copy/scan/fax
  9. Transaction Reports – Transaction logs
  10. Environmental Impact Reports – User environmental impact – summary

Ricoh and Kyocera deployment improvements

Okay, this one’s strictly for PaperCut resellers only. Well, you can still read it if you’re not a reseller, but it might be a bit boring.

If you’ve ever set up PaperCut on MFDs, you know it’s a manual, intensive, and – let’s face it – repetitive process.

So we’re changing that for you with a simple and easy way to remotely deploy embedded software across large printer fleets.

With 19.1, we’ve greatly reduced the amount of time it takes to configure Ricoh and Kyocera devices that connect to a PaperCut Application Server.

Yay, no more pressing buttons!

[ ]()

Watch Rohan’s technical deep dive session on embedded improvements

In the Percolator

It’s the last of the list but that doesn’t mean these features are the least important. The Percolator – our test lab for refining new products and features before they’re released to the public – contains a couple of big ticket items.

Device Scripting

Device Scripting is here! (And you thought Print Deploy was a big deal!)

Our first set of device script APIs brings the incredible customization of PaperCut print scripting right to the MFD, and altogether helps with print enforcement and copy policies at the MFD.

Now you’ll have near endless ways to control copying, pricing, and more. Here are just a handful of things you can do:

  • Change the cost of a copy job once it’s completed to a whole new cost model
  • Determine who can log onto which devices based on time, group membership or number of vowels in their name
  • Apply color copy quotas
  • Filter which shared accounts can be used at which device…

…And so on. Basically, if you can think it, chances are you can script it as well.

We’re really keen to provide templates that people want, so if you have ideas of what we should create, please let us know.

Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) with multi-server support

Continuing the OCR circle of life, Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem) with multi-server support has entered the Percolator.

This feature provides the scalability potential of the cloud to organizations requiring on-premise software. In other words, if you’re a multi-server organization with lots of users wanting to use OCR, this feature’s for you.

It’s naturally easy to setup, too.

Setting up locally hosted OCR (On Prem) with multi-server support in the PaperCut Admin interface

We’re excited to make our first launch campaign available to all PaperCut channel partners via our ‘Campaign in a box.’


The Print Deploy ‘Campaign in a Box’ is available in the PaperCut Portal. It includes creative assets to assist your marketing efforts – and you’re free to use them as is, co-brand them, or do a mix of both!


The campaign materials will be available in English at GA, and translated as the PaperCut Admin interface translations are completed over the next few weeks.


Initially, the PaperCut campaign will run from GA for 3 months or more on an as-needed basis.

NEW Extension packs

Release 19.1 introduces Extension Packs – purchasable add-ons for customers to extend and enhance their PaperCut solution.

Two packs are currently available to extend key features in 19.1:

Advanced Print Enablement Pack – unlocks Print Deploy for multiple zones.
On-Prem OCR and Document Processing Pack – unlocks Locally Hosted OCR (On Prem).

Without the packs, 19.1 includes Print Deploy for a single zone only, and Cloud OCR only.

For pricing info on these packs, talk to your friendly ASC.

So, lots to get your head around in PaperCut MF and NG 19.1. Questions or thoughts? Get vocal in the comments below.


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