G2 Fall report names PaperCut #1 in Print

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What's new in PaperCut NG 19.1?

We're deploying print queues, creating custom reports, and more.

PaperCut NG 19.1

Print Deploy

Print Deploy gets the right driver and right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically.

And because it's part of PaperCut NG, you now only need one solution to enable and manage printing.

Fed up with print queues? We hear you

Print Deploy takes the complexity out of deploying print queues to put productivity back in business.

It automates the time-consuming tasks of installing print queues and drivers in any print environment – so you're freed up to focus on the bigger picture.

And because it's a PaperCut innovation, it happens in the user-friendliest way imaginable for both PaperCut MF and NG.


More exciting 19.1 features

We didn't stop at Print Deploy. Here's what else is new.

Keen to see how much better 19.1 becomes with PaperCut MF? Click here.

Custom Reports and One-click refresh

Import your own customized reports made with JasperSoft Studio to schedule or launch them from within PaperCut.

We've also refreshed our most popular One-click reports.

Custom Reports and One-click refresh

Your next 19.1 move

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