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PaperCut NG for macOS

PaperCut NG


All the things you want to know about PaperCut NG for macOS

How do I run PaperCut on a Mac?

You can download PaperCut NG for macOS and try it free for 40 days.

And that's just the start; it does so much more. Jump in to the discover section to see how PaperCut NG can help support your business.

Does it support Intel Macs?

Yes. The Majority of the development is done on Intel Macs. The application uses Apple's Universal Binary format, allowing PaperCut NG to run with native performance on both PowerPC and Intel systems. PaperCut NG is also architected to take advantage of multi-processor systems making it a good fit for Apple's new duel core processors.

What is the required OS version?

Please see the full System Requirements for macOS.

How do I install?

The first place to start is the installation guide. Please have a quick read before installing.

Does it have an uninstaller?

Yes. An Uninstall script is provided.

How does PaperCut interface with the printers?

PaperCut NG integrates with CUPS (Common UNIX Print System). CUPS is an open source print system. It's used by Apple in the Mac and is also used in may Linux distributions.

Does it have LDAP (Open LDAP) integration?

Yes. PaperCut NG has full support for LDAP. This includes both user authentication and importing of user and group structures. If you're running a large network (5000+ users) on Apple's Open LDAP implementation, please contact the development team. We'd love some confirmation that the features and performance is acceptable on "real world" networks.

I also want to track printing, scanning and copying on copiers and MFDs...?

PaperCut MF can be used for track usage of copiers and MFDs. To try out PaperCut MF, please get in touch with a PaperCut Authorized Solution Center in your region or alternatively contact us and we'll help you out.

I am a long-time Mac user and have a suggestion?

You're just the person we're looking for! Please email your ideas through to the development team via the support email.