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One of my projects here at PaperCut is the Apple Mac development. (Yes. To all the Mac sites, I’m working on Leopard support right now!). I received this email from one of our US Mac sites and thought I’d share it with you. It also addresses one of my other pet projects – the environmental impact reporting feature .

The student response to PaperCut, the software that helps students account for their printing while also limiting printing is phenomenal! The 6th and 7th graders I have introduced to love the way it graphs the amount of trees they have used, the amount of carbon dioxide they have produced, and the electricity they have consumed in the printing process.

They are very excited that we have a program that is so forward thinking about our environment! Kids really are idealists! They want to do the right thing and now they have a way to self monitor! And they are even thinking of ways to use the data! Very exciting!

It’s great to see this enthusiasm. I never doubted the interest kids have on this topic, but it’s also great to see the older generation (i.e. the teachers :-) ) also share the same passions!


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