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Campus printing: 8 reasons why cloud print works in education

It’s 2023. Students and staff have Chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, and a variety of devices. But despite all that technology, printing is still a necessity in the modern education system: assignments, class notes, lesson plans, research papers, worksheets, and even coloring-in activities! 

Printing is still an integral part of the academic process. Many businesses have been moving various traditional on-premises resources to the cloud and printing is a slice of that pie. 

Campus printing services have come a long way, and with the rise of cloud printing, it has become easier for students and faculty members to print documents from anywhere. 

What is campus printing?

Campus printing is a service provided by educational institutions that enables students and faculty members to print documents. It can be in the form of a computer lab, a network of printers, or a central printing location. Campus printing services are usually available for a fee, and students can pay for printing credits that can be used to print documents.

What is cloud printing? 

Cloud printing can mean two things: remote printing, our print software hosted in the cloud.

Cloud printing allows users to print documents from anywhere through a cloud-based service. With cloud printing, users can upload their documents to a remote server, and then print the document from any printer connected to the cloud printing network. This eliminates the need to be physically connected to a printer or transfer files to a specific computer. The cloud printing service provider manages the print jobs, including queuing, releasing, and tracking.

Cloud print management is a service that enables organizations to manage and monitor their printing activities through a cloud-based platform. With cloud print management, administrators can monitor print usage, control costs, and improve security by enforcing print policies and rules.

Cloud printing enables remote printing from anywhere through a cloud-based service. Cloud print management provides print monitoring through a cloud-based platform. Cloud printing is an end-user experience. Cloud print management is an administrator/IT team experience focused on providing centralized control and management.

In this post, we’re focusing on the remote enablement side of the coin. However, print management software is highly recommended for administrating a campus printing service. And many schools and universities are hosting their print management software in the cloud. Both in private (self-hosted) and public (fully hosted) cloud deployments. 

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How does cloud printing work with campus printing?

With some traditional campus printing, students would have to save their documents on a USB drive, transfer it to a computer, and then print the document from a computer or printing lab. With cloud printing, students can upload their documents to a cloud server and print from anywhere on campus. All they need is an internet connection and access to the cloud printing service.

Campus printing services explained

Cloud printing can enhance your campus printing service. The cloud printing part unlocks BYOD anywhere printing for students and staff. This married with a campus printing service to ensure secure printing and tracking means printing is easy for your students, it also means your organization can track printing and recover costs for paper, ink, and toner. Cloud printing as part of your campus printing service means students, faculty, and administrators can control their printing process so it’s simple and sustainable. 

4 benefits of cloud printing for educational institutions

Cost-effective: Campus printing services are cost-effective for students as they only need to pay for the printing credits they use. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and upgrades for educational institutions.

Time-saving: Cloud printing eliminates the need to transfer files to a specific computer, reducing the time needed to print documents.

Convenience: Students and faculty members can print documents from anywhere on campus, making printing more accessible and convenient.

Secure printing: Used in conjunction with print management software, campus printing services can offer secure printing features such as user authentication, release codes, and print monitoring, which ensures the privacy and confidentiality of sensitive documents.

4 benefits of cloud printing for students 

Flexibility: Students can print documents from anywhere on campus, eliminating the need to go to a specific location to print documents.

Easy access: Students can upload documents to the cloud server and print them from any device connected to the cloud printing network.

Cost-effective: Students only pay for the printing credits they use, making printing more affordable.

Sustainability: Cloud printing reduces the use of paper, ink, and energy, making it an eco-friendly option.

Efficient, cost-effective printing for your campus service

Cloud printing is an efficient and cost-effective printing solution for educational institutions. It offers several benefits such as flexibility, convenience, and secure printing. It also reduces the cost of printing and improves efficiency. With cloud printing, students and faculty members can print documents from anywhere on campus, making it a valuable addition to any educational institution.

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