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Changes coming to printers with PaperCut 18.2

PaperCut 18.2 includes a couple of cool features we think you need to know about:

  • Improvements to Mobility Print and secure print release
  • Integrated scanning for HP OXP

Plus, a bunch of other improvements we think you’ll want to know about, including:

  • Scan to Cloud Storage translations, GDPR compliance and Box connector
  • Job Ticketing translations and order editing
  • Lexmark advanced scan center integration and guest access

Just when you thought Mobility Print couldn’t get any better

The release of PaperCut’s Mobility Print changed the way people printed with mobile devices. Finally, bring your own device was a reality; users could connect seamlessly to their print environment; IT managers could roll out a BYOD solution that worked with any operating system.

And now, with the release of 18.2, things get a little fancier for Mobility Print and BYOD print environments. Because with 18.2, mobile users can change their print choices at the printer.


More print choices for mobile users (and the rest!)

Users can now fix up errors they’ve made when requesting their print jobs. Asked for too many copies? Change it at the device. Charged to the wrong account? Easy. Change it at the device.

Better yet, you can change job settings on a bunch of brands: Fuji Xerox, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Toshiba and Xerox.

Driving user behavior change

Plus, they can see the environmental impact their changes have made. Unlike other print management software, PaperCut instantly displays cost savings to users to help encourage behaviour change and environment-friendly printing. Changing from two-sided to one-sided printing, for example.

Sysadmins love their new powers, too. They control exactly what can be changed at the printer - so no gaming of quotas by mischievous students. We’re expecting improved cost savings as well.

Of course secure print release isn’t just for Mobility Print - it works for ALL print jobs: web print, email to print, you name it print - you can always make changes at the printer.

Another MFD gets scanning integrated

As you know, Integrated Scanning ensures users experience a simple and consistent scanning workflow at their MFD display panel.

And with 18.2, we’ve brought integrated scanning to HP OXP devices. This is the final piece in the HP deployment journey. Yay! It ensures HP now has parity with other OEMs - part of our strategy to ensure users with devices from all major OEMs have the same integrated scanning experience.

A couple of other 18.2 bits to make you swoon

Scan to Cloud Storage improvements

We’ve added Box to the list of cloud storage connectors. That means users can now scan to Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business,  Dropbox, Dropbox Business, and Box.

Also in Scan to Cloud Storage, we’ve moved beyond the English language. The languages we’ve translated Scan to Cloud Storage to include Catalan, German, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (China), Russian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Hungarian, Spanish, Turkish, and Welsh.

Job Ticketing gets job editing

Operators in print rooms and Fabrication Labs now have more flexibility when managing orders. The ability to edit jobs ensures orders can be completed, even when changes are required.

We’ve also added language support for Chinese (Taiwan),  Chinese (Hong Kong), Russian, French, Italian, Chinese (China), Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Hungarian, German, Spanish, and Turkish.

So, plenty to enjoy in PaperCut 18.2. Hope you like it!


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