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12 quick wins in PaperCut MF you should try

So you’re looking into print management software to solve your printing problem. You are most definitely in the right place!

Often it’s that one burning hot issue you want to solve, right? Turns out there are other issues that you can solve at the same time that provide an even bigger benefit.

These are all quick wins that have big impacts on the way you print.

1) Secure print release

Enable Hold/Release on a print queue and the job no longer automatically comes out. No more missing print jobs, and no longer will someone walk off with your print outs.

More about secure print release

2) Find-Me Printing

Combined with Hold/Release queues, let PaperCut redirect the print job to where the user is. No longer will users lose their jobs by printing to the wrong queue. If the printer is out of order, they can release the job at a different printer.

More about Find-Me Printing

3) Printers in error

Extending Find-Me Printing and Secure Print Release by proactively informing a user that the printer has a problem, and they should go use another one. No more lost jobs magically appearing once a fault is fixed!

More on Printers in Error

4) Print quotas

Having to deal with frivolous printing? Perhaps even abusive printing? Apply a daily/weekly/monthly/custom quota to your users to limit their printing.

More about print quotas

5) Scheduled reports

Department heads going crazy about the cost of printing? Arm them with power of insight and knowledge about printing behaviour with Scheduled Reports.

More about scheduled reports

6) BYOD printing

You’ve got your managed Windows and macOS machines printing fine, but what about BYOD Android, iOS, macOS machines costing you huge amounts of time? Advertise your printers with Mobility Print for zero-configuration effort installation of print queues.

More on BYOD printing

7) Print archiving

You have email archiving, document revision control, door system auditing, but what about your printing? Simply enable Print Archiving and we will not only keep a copy of the print job for later printing, we can provide you a rendered document of what was printed.

Learn about print archiving

8) New user settings

Onboarding a new user in many systems requires an administrator to log into the software, add the user then spend time tweaking their default settings. In PaperCut you can modify the [All Users] group and every user gets those settings. Add an Active Directory Group to the Groups tab and target those users specifically.

Discover new user settings

9) Executive Summary report

Slice and dice your print data any way you like, using PaperCut’s 80 or so inbuilt reports. If you need an overview of all printing, try out the Executive Summary report. You’ll be able to identify the busiest printers, biggest print users and even what time of day most printing happens.

All about Executive Summary reports

10) Bulk user operations

Found under the Groups tab, Bulk User Actions allows you to modify a list or group of users with the click of a button. Need to add $5.00 credit to a group of students? Do it here. Generate a Card/ID for a few new users? Do it here. Delete a group of users? You know this by now. Do it here.

Learn about bulk user operations

11) Admin rights

You don’t have to be a super administrator just to view a print log or run a report. Maybe you have multiple sites and your help desk staff need access to modify print settings for a specific set of printers. Maybe your C-Suite executives need access to Print Archiving but others don’t? Then Admin rights is for you.

More on admin rights

12) Delegated print release

As simple as the heading sounds. Give a user, or group of users, the ability to release print jobs on behalf of another user. Think personal assistants or perhaps even teachers controlling when students print.

Discover delegated print release

Those are my 12 go-to features that have a massive impact on your organization. Try PaperCut for 40 days and see what you think.


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