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Print Geeks 007 NewsCuts | Spooooky Halloween edition (kinda)

It’s NewsCuts time on the Print Geeks podcast!

Light your jack-o-lanterns and tune in to hear PaperCutter Kie-RONzilla and PaperCutter the ALbominable snowman round up all the action for October.

Since we were recording on November 1st we tried for (somewhat) of a Halloween theme. But a moment of hindsight revealed this as ultimately foolish.

Because by the time we got this episode edited and out the door, it’s now Thanksgiving season in the middle of November!

But if you like two clowns making barely passable ghost noises, tune in to hear swap stories around the campfire about:

With the end of the year approaching, note to self to perhaps make the November edition Christmas-themed…

If our corny jokes don’t scare you off, do make sure you follow us on your favorite streaming platform .