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PaperCut 19.0 and the pleasure of simple printing

Major releases have always been a big deal at PaperCut.

Whether it’s release 17.0 making moves with Mobility Print , or 18.0 automating print rooms and 3D printing with Job Ticketing , we’re big on making our “dot-oh” releases a bit more “dot-ohmygoodness.”

And 19.0 is no exception – because you’ll be positively wowed by how simple it just became to get the most out of your printer.

19.0 simplifies (and enhances) scanning

More cloud storage connectors

With the recent release of Evernote and pCloud support, we have the most comprehensive and impressive list of Scan to Cloud connectors around.

But scanning something’s just the half of it, so we’re going even further.

OCR in the cloud

We’re making documents a million times more useful with OCR (optical character recognition) in the cloud, all made possible by the heavy lifting of our cloud services.

Now, whenever you scan something, you can choose to make the final document a text-searchable and editable smart document in a bunch of different formats, including future-proofed PDF/A.

And that makes retrieving the right information a whole lot easier.

The best bit? No longer is OCR confined to complicated products and expensive add-ons. It’s a standard feature in PaperCut MF that can be enabled in just one click #batteriesincluded.

If you prefer to keep your scanned documents on site, we’ve got you covered as well. Head to the Percolator (our home for beta releases) to grab the installer now .

Regional data centers

To support OCR and our entire suite of cloud services (like Scan to Cloud Storage ), we’ve opened new data hosting centers in Australia and Germany to complement our other regions.

So if you’re located in these regions, you’ll have no problems using our cloud features and meeting your local hosting requirements.

19.0 simplifies BYOD

Good print management doesn’t just manage; it streamlines too.

So we’ve made some massive time and hassle-saving enhancements to BYOD printing, making Mobility Print doubly desirable.

Account selection at the MFD

You can now select a shared account you want to allocate to, right at the printer, and no matter how you submit your job.

BYOD engagement has truly skyrocketed in the last few years, and Mobility Print has been a huge win for us in this area.

But one key challenge has been supporting account selection at the time of print (e.g. charging to a faculty, department, cost center, or project) – a key need for mobile workforces especially.

Not anymore. You can now do this right at the printer’s touchscreen without the need to install client software on the BYOD device.

Mobility Print in environments with no DNS is coming soon

That’s right, we’ve developed the ‘known host’ option to significantly reduce your print IT installation workload, and make Mobility Print perfect for all system environments.

Choose between mDNS for simple networks, DNS-SD for large networks with multi subnets, and now ‘known host’ for networks where DNS config isn’t viable. Awesome.

Language selection at the touchscreen

You can now choose your preferred language right at the MFD – and we’ll even remember your preference and it will follow you around to any device.

This is particularly handy in multilingual countries such as Luxembourg, Singapore, South Africa, and Canada.

Language selection will roll out for Konica Minolta first, with more manufacturers coming in 19.1 and beyond.

19.0 simplifies the MFD experience

We’ve made some fab improvements to Sharp devices on the OSA platform running n2.0+ HTML Browsers.

Here’s what your shiny new Sharp MFD experience includes:

The latest UI

Sharp OSA users running n2.0+ can now get around a modern and intuitive interface as good as PaperCut gets on any device.

Change print job settings at the device

Not enough copies, or wanted it in duplex? No biggie: Sharp OSA users running n2.0+ can now change or fix settings before releasing their job – right at the device.

Sysadmins can also decide exactly what settings can be changed, and businesses can celebrate more savings with fewer reprints.

Integrated scanning and Scan to Cloud Storage

Integrated Scanning has been upgraded on Sharp OSA devices to include scanning directly to popular cloud destinations (listed at the top of the blog) – all via a simple tap-and-scan workflow.

Super fast auto setup

We’ve automated the manual bits involved in creating new Sharp devices. Now you just need a few details (and even fewer clicks) to get your Sharp MFD print-ready in a couple of minutes.

Grab it from the PaperCut Percolator (our home for beta releases) to give it a go today.

So there you have it! Our latest and simply greatest release yet. We can’t wait to see what you think. Want a few more details? See the release notes .

And if you don’t have PaperCut running in your workplace yet, you can get won over right this minute.


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