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Papercut Percolator

Project Acacia

Project acacia

Brewing complete! Now Scan to Cloud Storage

This project has finished brewing. We've released this functionality, in all its awesomeness, to the real world. It's available for your to enjoy as part of the PaperCut MF 18.1 or later.

Project Acacia

Scan to cloud

Welcome to Scan to Cloud Storage

Maybe you want to give your mobile workforce anywhere document access.

Maybe you’re looking for a secure way to track and store documents.

Maybe you need to save server running costs and physical space.

What you need is a way to scan documents into the cloud. A workflow that’s secure and takes very little effort to set up, maintain, and use.

Scan to Cloud Storage gives you a ready-to-use scan to cloud solution with a rapidly growing range of cloud storage providers and is included as part of Integrated Scanning in PaperCut MF. Find out more about  Scan to Cloud Storage .

For SysAdmins and IT Managers

  • Connect users to popular cloud storage apps quickly, easily & securely
  • More cloud storage providers added constantly - and they’ll automatically appear
  • Compatible across many device brands & models
  • Secure and easy to set up, use and support - consistent with the whole PaperCut MF experience

Scan to cloud
For end users

For end users

  • One touch scan to cloud workflow
  • Single, secure authentication step
  • Consistent experience with scan to email and folder
  • Readily accessible documents that are securely stored in the cloud