PaperCut NG 20.0 release history

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PaperCut NG 20.0

Please find release note history for PaperCut NG 20.0 below.


Build 55452

Print Provider version

7 Oct, 2020


  • Reduced the load time of the device list page for sites with a high device count. PC-17499


  • Fixed an issue when the browser saves login details, to no longer populate the device username/password fields with the current login. PC-17203
  • Added the ability to synchronize groups for multi-domain Google Cloud Directories. PC-17386
  • Upgraded jQuery to 3.5.1 PC-17437
  • Server Command: Fixed “enable-command” usage description. PC-17604
  • Fixed an issue that in rare circumstances could cause the Print Provider to crash and restart. PC-17590
  • Fixed an issue that could cause JavaScript login errors for restricted users on some Fuji Xerox devices PC-17570
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a grayscale document to be counted as color when the standard color detection was used with PaperCut Global PostScript print driver PC-17535
  • Fixed a locking issue caused by many user clients logged in with the same username. PC-17610
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple “Invalid username or password” messages displayed when logging in via a device or through Client application PC-17593
  • Removed a redundant file that was created after the Application server startup. PC-17641
  • Updated the Windows installer to automatically create the nul printer port. PC-17621
  • Fixed an issue that caused email-to-print jobs on site server queues to be deleted when the site server went offline. PC-17584
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect Page Size detection with HP Designjet Raster Driver PC-17654
  • PostgreSQL Database Driver: Upgraded JDBC driver from 42.2.5 to 42.2.16. PC-17531
  • Reports: Added an error message when the “generate-scheduled-report” server command is used to try and run a Custom Report, which is not currently supported. PC-16979

Other notes:

  • If you are running v20.0.3, there is NO database upgrade.


Build 55023

Print Provider version

19 Aug, 2020


  • Data integration CSV exports will now obey the reports.csv-charset setting for character encoding. PC-17498
  • Updated the default value for print-provider.throttle-thread-db-ratio to 3. This will not affect existing installations that have manually set the value. PC-17495
  • Improved the handling of GSuite groups in multiple domain environments. PC-17358
  • Added capability to split large scan files into smaller chunks for emailing. PC-17521
  • Added new get and set properties in Server-Command to modify User Defined Persistent Properties outside of print and device scripts PC-9423
  • Improved the process to unregister PaperCut from a Konica Minolta device when the device encounters error during registration. All installed apps on the the device will also be removed. PC-17027
  • Added the ability to “Sign in with Google” to the mobile release page. PC-17361
  • Added a configuration switch to block secure connections to email servers which present untrusted (e.g. self-signed) certificates PC-14424


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the user client to show an error and exit while waiting for an on-demand user creation PC-17436
  • Fixed an issue where the user client erroneously used the IP address instead of the hostname to connect to the server PC-17425
  • Fixed an issue with autocomplete on the login page not respecting the config key ‘auth.web-login.autocomplete’ PC-17394
  • Fixed an issue where custom reports did not return any data when selecting “today” or “yesterday” as the date range. To use the fix, update any existing custom reports which use the parameters DATE_FROM and DATE_TO and change their data type from “java.util.Date” to “java.sql.Timestamp”. PC-17316
  • Fixed an issue with truncated refund comments PC-17256
  • Added the config key “reports.pdf-locale” to set the locale that’s used to determine the font for PDF reports. PC-16972
  • Fixed an issue that was causing “Unable to resolve expression ‘showGoogleLogin’” errors on the Login page in some scenarios when Integrated Windows Authentication was enabled (auth.web-login.sso-method=WINDOWSAUTH). PC-16273
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Direct Print on Windows to fail to link some print queues. PC-17378
  • Fixed an access control issue with batch user import. PC-17191
  • Print Provider:
    • Added “Bolt PDF”, “FAXCOM Image Driver”, “ImageNow Printer”, and “Microsoft Software Printer Driver” to the list of ignored virtual printers. (Windows only) PC-17553
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an incorrect calculation of number of coloured pages when analysing some PostScript data, in Standard mode. PC-17341
    • Generic PCL 6/PCL XL Printer Foomatic/pxlcolor: Fixed an issue where B5 page size was detected as A4. PC-17282
    • Epson PX-M270T printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused incorrect page count in duplex mode. PC-17224

Other notes:

  • This release does NOT contain a database upgrade.


Build 54737

Print Provider version

7 Jul, 2020


  • Desktop Client: Fixed an issue that could cause print jobs to not be accepted at sites using desktop client with popups, when the status dashboard has been left open.. PC-17485


Build 54658

Print Provider version

24 Jun, 2020

New Features:

  • Automatic Application Server Failover:
    • Provide in-app Application Server Failover for customers with a network load balancer. PC-16516


  • Google Cloud Directory (GSuite) User Sync:

    • Added support for syncing users from multiple domains. PC-15004
  • Print Provider:

    • Added a script to turn on/off the auto-import Print Provider feature on Mac/Linux. PC-17221
  • Web Cashier:

    • Added user balance to email acknowledgment. PC-16610
  • Added an Application Log warning message when the application server is not listening on a network interface that is accessible outside the server. PC-16088


  • Device Scripting:

    • Fixed Device Scripting recipes that used incorrect date to enforce daily limit. Please note all scripts that currently use date.getDay() need to be manually updated. EAD-278
  • Print Deploy:

    • Fixed an issue when upgrading on macOS servers where configuration files were set back to default. PC-17259
  • Print Provider:

    • OKI C811 and C835 PCL printer driver: Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect page count when multiple pages were printed on a single sheet of paper (n-up printing). PC-17177
    • Fixed a potential crash in Print Provider for certain Postscript print jobs when processing paper size names. PC-17195
    • Added “NuancePDF” driver to the list of ignored virtual printers. (Windows only) PC-17220
  • Site Server:

    • Fix to handle device capability updates when capabilities files are invalid. PC-15997
  • User Client:

    • Server performance improvements when dealing with large numbers of user clients. PC-16545
    • Fixed an issue where the User Client on MacOS required the use of the GPU unnecessarily. PC-11261
  • Fixed an issue where System Info section of the About page was incorrectly reporting Operating System as Windows Server 2016 on Windows Server 2019 servers. PC-16214

  • Fixed a rare issue where direct print queue linking is not done when there are multiple possible queue candidates. PC-16962

  • Ensure OS handles are closed when launching processes from the app server such as during periodic user/group sync. PC-16772

  • Fixed an issue where a user email cannot be updated if the email suffix option was enabled. PC-16701

  • Fixed missing single quotes from some translated strings on the Device/Printer copy setting page in the Admin Web Interface. PC-16241

  • Fixed and issue with Server-Command that resulted in Konica Minolta devices erroring after being deleted. EAD-482

  • Updated the bundled Java Runtime Environment to version 11.0.5, to incorporate the latest security fixes. PC-15760

  • Remove the requirement of a PaperCut group for Linux/systemd installs. PC-16505

  • Stop warning messages when a client is testing a pc-lpd connection on port 515 to ensure the service is running. PC-17023

Other notes:

  • This release includes a database upgrade.
  • Devices marked with * require installing an updated version of the embedded software to access new features and fixes.