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Release History (v5)

PaperCut NG Release History Version 5

Release history for newer versions


4 March 2005 - PaperCut 5.2

  • Native mode Active Directory integration. PaperCut will now automatically detected the presence of Active Directory and if found will enable additional user account import and synchronization options. These include:
    • Ability to synchronize user accounts with Active Directory containers (sub-sets of users) including, Domains in Forests, Domain Groups, and Org Units.
    • Ability to handle nested and recursively structured groups.
    • Handle groups referencing or including groups or users from trusted domains.
  • Automatic refunding of cancelled print jobs. Users are now automatically refunded when their print job are manually cancelled from the queue. Jobs that have partially printed will not be refunded but are marked in the logs as candidates for refund. Administrators can quickly locate these jobs and manually issue refunds as required.
  • New "one click" refunds enabling quick manual refunding of print jobs. Simply locate the print job in the logs (both the PaperCut Administration Console and the Web Tools interface), select refund, and the user is credited with the corresponding amount.
  • Enhanced User Inquiry Tool (UIT). The UIT is now is a system tray application, includes an auto refresh option, and offers more configuration options.
  • Included a new "credit adjustment" section in the Web Tool's user management section. This makes it easy to quickly add or subtract credit from a user's account.
  • Added a new Web Tools "Quick Report" to conveniently list print jobs partially printed (i.e. candidates for partial refunds).
  • The import of TopUp Card / PrePaid Card number definition files on secondary servers is now prevented. This operation should only be performed on the primary server in a multi-server environment.
  • Fixed a Web Tools HTML layout issue where long user names wrapped.
  • The User Inquiry Tool now supports "zero-install" deployment. This allows administrators to run the PCClient.exe program directly off a network share.
  • Enhanced the sample User Inquiry Tool batch file. The script will only attempt to install if an existing installation is not detected.
  • Added a right-click option on the printer list to provide quick access to advanced charging and restriction rules.
  • Included support for new print hardware including, Minolta, QMS, and Samsung GDI based printers.
  • Improved support for Canon Bubble Jet printers.
  • Minor usability changes such as new right-click menu options and re-sorting of grid columns.
  • PaperCut ChargeBack: The addition of new client command line tools to assist with batch or scripted printing.
  • BUGFIX: Addressed an issue where PaperCut was incorrectly pick-up the wrong "copy count" from documents printed from Microsoft Word.
  • BUGFIX: After closing a printer's Advanced Charging window, focus stays on the currently selected printer rather than reverting to the first printer.
  • BUGFIX: Modified terminology used for user account information synchronization.
  • BUGFIX: Improved instruction messages in the TopUp Card / PrePaid Card Creation Wizard.
  • BUGFIX: Selecting the "Custom Reports" button in a remote copy of the database now does not unexpectedly close Microsoft Access.

19 November 2004 - PaperCut Quota 5.1.508

Maintenance release to incorporate latest "page counting machine" update. The PCM update addressed a number of know issues including:

  • Support for recent Epson laser and inkjet printers supporting languages ESC/P2, ESC/PAGE and ESC/PAGE-COLOR
  • Page count problems with PCL5 and PCL6 Canon drivers
  • Paper size detection on Canon PCL6 drivers
  • Complete support for Ricoh RPCS native drivers

Existing PaperCut users may upgrade simply by installing the PCM update as detailed in our FAQ.

12 November 2004 - PaperCut Quota 5.1.505

  • Ability to op to send "WinPopup" messages to computer/workstation rather than username (controlled via a registry key).
  • Added Dutch translation of the web tools interface.
  • Moved printer database to "Database" directory to ensure correct permissions are applied. This reduces the amount of manual configuration required if system administrators decided to allow now "Administrators" access to the web tools admin interface.
  • BugFix: Resolved issue with recent HP PCLGUI drivers.

26 October 2004 - PaperCut Quota 5.1.504

  • Multi-selection in printer and groups list.
  • Order by column in printer and groups list.
  • A failed network or domain server will now not cause a flood of errors in the Application Event Log.
  • BugFix: Resolved duplicate records issue when importing logs from secondary servers.

18 October 2004 - PaperCut Quota 5.1

  • Support for an unlimited number of printers per server (limited by hardware resources only)
  • Advanced web based reporting in the Web Tools interface
  • Predefined web reports (Quick Reports) including top print and internet users, busiest printers, etc
  • Export the report data to Excel
  • Net Charging support for MS ISA Server SQL Server logging
  • Automated log import from secondary servers
  • Web tools now support Other Charges, allowing user to be manually charged for resources such as special paper, transparencies, binding, etc
  • Comments can be associated with transactions (web tools). For example, "extra allocation for group project..."
  • Ability to reset print and net counts when automatic allocation is scheduled
  • Simplified secondary server setup - most tasks are now automated
  • Printer list in Admin Console can now be sorted
  • Update multiple printers and groups at once, simplifying set up with many printers and groups
  • Ability to send windows popup messages to machine instead of user
  • Scripting used to schedule log imports
  • Fully translatable web tools interface
  • Added Spanish, French and Italian translations of web tools
  • Automated check for available upgrades
  • BugFix: TopUp/PrePaid Card wizard now supports Euro and other currencies
  • BugFix: Net Charging security group cannot be set to built-in groups (enforces tighter security)
  • BugFix: Permissions on admin web tools are automatically restricted to admin users

23 September 2004 - PaperCut Quota 5.0

  • Full logging of all transactions. Administrators can track all movements of credit by user, date, time, amount and who performed the transaction.
  • Support for Top-Up Cards / Pre-Paid Cards. Includes wizard for creating new cards and a web interface for users to enter card numbers.
  • Major overhaul of web administration module look and feel. (Now called "web tools")
  • View transaction, internet history and print history logs under the web tools interface.
  • Users can view their own transaction history via web interface.
  • Users can transfer some of their credit to other users. Ideal for group projects.
  • New admin scripts to automate tasks such as syncing user accounts with Active Directory. This allows these tasks to be scheduled overnight or any other defined intervals. (i.e. automated "TuneUp")
  • Admin Console: Quick Find feature to conveniently locate users in the user list (Ctrl-F)
  • Admin Console: Reverse ordering in user list.
  • Installation improvements so less manual setup is required.
  • BugFix: "Set" button next to Overdraft setting ensures setting is always saved.

Net Quota/Charging:

  • Option for time based charging - charge or quota users based on the amount of time they spend using the Internet.
  • Administrators can select most appropriate charging module - bandwidth or time.
  • Added support for alternate proxy servers including Squid, WinGate and FreeProxy.
  • Improved integration with Microsoft ISA Server 2000 and 2004.
  • Log file parsing efficiency improvements. Up to 10x speed increase with some formats.
  • Users can track their internet usage in near real-time using the PaperCut web tools interface.
  • Improved setup process guides users through configuring PaperCut and the proxy server.
  • Admin Console: option to reset "net use" counter via the group level functions. (e.g. reset the net use counter to zero for users in the "management" group.)

Print Quota/Charging:

  • Print jobs log as "transactions" in audit log.
  • Users can track their printing use in real-time using PaperCut "web tools" interface.
  • Incorrectly installed printers are automatically detected and reported as a problem in the Application Event log.
  • Support for latest printer hardware.
  • BugFix: Fixed incorrect page detection with recent Xerox drivers.
  • BugFix: Grayscale discount now saves correctly with all setting combinations.

ChargeBack Edition (Released 06-Oct-2004):

  • Application renamed from "PaperCut Enterprise" to "PaperCut ChargeBack".
  • An "assign account to all jobs in queue" setting on the PopUp client. This provides a convenient way to print and allocate batched print jobs.
  • New "charge rate" option. Users can use this to assign discounts or premiums to selected print jobs and have this reflected on the invoices.
  • Improved web tools interface.
  • The print job log now records additional details such as comments, charge rates and adjusted cost.
  • BugFix: The refresh button now re-loads the sub-account information.
  • BugFix: The "machine name" field now correctly logs in the print job log.