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Release History (v4)

PaperCut NG Release History Version 4

Release history for newer versions


30 April 2004 - PaperCut Quota 4.2

  • Detect and automatically delete duplicate print jobs. Feature includes adjustable time window.
  • Reduce printer jams by restricting paper sizes. Many printers halt in a "manual load" state when documents with non-support paper size are passed. Administrators can now defined a list of allowed standard paper sizes.
  • Filter print jobs by color mode. Provides a way of controlling who can print color documents.
  • Improved standard reports, including ability to run reports over given date ranges, or filter for a given user or printer.
  • PaperCut Quota: New Microsoft Access reports including trend graph, bar graph and pie charts detailing printer activity.
  • The Winpopup or "net send" messages now support multi-line messages.
  • Improved support for latest printer hardware.
  • The "user query page" in the Web Admin interface will now automatically detect the username if IIS support automatic authentication (NTLM).
  • BugFix: Print Job Deny messages now consistently save on exit.

2 October 2003 - PaperCut 4.1

  • Changes to support new print drivers and printer hardware
  • New "Custom Reports" MS Access database. This template database provides a good starting point for site-specific report design.
  • Additional example "trend graph" in sample MS Access reports
  • Fixed issue when PDF documents were printed to a Windows 2003 server
  • Addition of right-click context menu on user list. Simply right-click on a user to quickly edit their rights and view reports.
  • New configuration option to remove the currency sign from the "User Inquiry Tool". (for sites that do not want to portray a concept of "charging" users.)
  • BugFix: duplex discount is no longer issued on single page documents
  • BugFix: simplified error messages written to PaperCut's application event log

25 February 2003 - PaperCut 4.0

  • Complete native Windows XP look and feel
  • Improved support for XP and upcoming Windows 2003 features
  • Auto-scheduling of quotas and credit offers additional options to control how and when accounts are topped up. You can stop users from "banking" up their quota.
  • Improved detailed logging - the system the user printed from is now recorded
  • Improved printer support for latest PCL and Postscript hardware and drivers
  • The debug mode has been enhanced so PaperCut Support can resolve problems rapidly
  • The print job log can now be exported to Microsoft Excel. The data can be used in a spreadsheet for custom analysis and graphing of printing activity
  • Ability to save Microsoft Access reports to a database file for running/viewing on other systems.
  • Trial period extended to 40-days
  • BugFix: Winpopup deny/information messages of more than 256 characters are now supported.
  • BugFix: Advanced Charging now works correctly on French language systems (this was broken in version 3.7)
  • BugFix: Copy-count correctly detected with latest Xerox Postscript drivers
  • Many more changes since 3.0. See below