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Release History (v3)

PaperCut NG Release History Version 3

Release history for newer versions


20 October 2002 - PaperCut 3.7

  • Define costs per-page costs for standard page sizes (Advanced charging rules).
  • Substitution macros available for use in the "Winpopup" deny print job message. This allows you to send a message like:
    Printing Denied - The document %DOCUMENT% with %PAGES% pages costing %COST% can't be printed. You have %CREDIT% remaining in your account.
  • The PaperCut Service will now automatically start when installed on a secondary server. Previous versions required a server restart or manual intervention after installation.
  • Native Windows XP "Look and Feel" available in the client tool. Full Windows XP look and feel will be available in the Administration Console when Window .Net Server is released.

26 July 2002 - PaperCut 3.6

  • Rule based restrictions and filtering on printers. Restrict documents by maximum page size, maximum cost, document name, or file extension.
  • Option to restrict the importing of user accounts to a selected network group.
  • Improved Active Directory support.
  • Fixed bug with the net charging security group when installed on a non-PDC or BDC server.
  • Option to save logging database and reports so they may be viewed on other systems.
  • The database tune-up operation now runs the Security Wizard to ensure permissions are correct and secure.
  • HPGL support for plotters.
  • Enterprise: new Access reports - printer based reports. Existing reports redesigned to be more concise and show greater visual clarity.
  • Enterprise: full logging and reporting of all print jobs to printers that do not require account submission.
  • Enterprise: improved handling of large numbers of accounts.
  • Enterprise: system printing integration.
  • Enterprise: faster account importing.

28 April 2002 - PaperCut 3.5

  • Print charging by page area.
  • User list sorting by username, pages printed, and MB downloaded.
  • Enhanced server transaction rate under extremely high loads.
  • Improved support for unicode.
  • Net Charging: Fixed issue where malformed proxy log files halt net charging.
  • Enterprise: Account Import Wizard to allow the bulk importing of accounts. The standard distribution comes with importers from a plain text file, and a directory structure. More importing interfaces (such as integration with accounting packages) can be built to order.
  • Enterprise: Account scheduling facility - allows the administrator to schedule regular imports to automatically add new jobs / clients / projects to the accounts list.
  • Enterprise: Improved popup client with user customisable preferred account list, account selection history and roaming preferences. Increased reliability with local caching of files, in case of server reboots.
  • Enterprise: Optional comments field in popup client for submitting a description for print jobs
  • Enterprise: Allows print jobs to be marked as invoiceable and non-invoiceable to distinguish cost recoverable and non-cost recoverable print jobs
  • Enterprise: Client popup settings can be changed to allow for performance tuning and optimisation on large and small networks.
  • Enterprise: Access to all new print job information (colour/grayscale, page size, page area, duplex) in custom reports.

>28 March 2002 - PaperCut 3.4

  • Multiple select operations are now supported in the user list.
  • Setup wizard now checks the validity of the service user account.
  • Installation of the Net Charging service is more robust.
  • PaperCut Standard was renamed to PaperCut Quota to better reflect its use.

24 February 2002 - PaperCut 3.3

  • Ability to define different costs for color/grayscale, duplex and page size.
  • Customize the Winpopup deny printing message.
  • Define an allowed "overdraft" on restricted accounts.
  • Security wizard now automatically assigns permissions suitable for Web administration access.
  • Enterprise Access reports now display currency as defined in the Regional Settings.
  • Copy count is now correctly detected on all supported printers.

30 Jan 2002 - PaperCut 3.2

  • PaperCut Enterprise now comes with HTML reports for users without MS Access.
  • New PaperCut Security Wizard automatically configures security settings.
  • Improved support for non-English versions of Windows.
  • Improved account management for PaperCut Enterprise.

14 January 2002 - PaperCut 3.1.25

  • Uninstall now will remove the User Inquiry Tool and Enterprise Client without the need for a restart
  • Support for buggy print drivers that raise multiple new document events
  • Improved performance under high load
  • NTFS security permissions are now assigned automatically during install

18 December 2001 - PaperCut 3.1.20

  • Fixed a Bug in the Auto Scheduling. This was broken in version 3.0.

9 December 2001 - PaperCut 3.1

  • Enterprise client - improved handling of print server reboots, the addition / removal of servers, and additional / removal of printers.
  • All web links now point to our new website: www.papercut.com
  • Net charging now updates the user's web access rights immediately
  • New "Initial Credit" set in the setup wizard to streamline installation

13 November 2001 - PaperCut 3.0

  • Improved support for KYOCERA printers.
  • NEW - Internet bandwidth charging.
  • NEW - Enterprise Edition with Account Tracking & Job number charging (for our business users). The Enterprise release extends on the PaperCut 3.0 code base.
  • New automatic creation of PCSetup directory. This directory contains pre-configured config file and scripts to assist in automated deployment of client tools.
  • Fix bug where reports get cleared when the job log is cleaned
  • Enlarged the user and print history dialogs.
  • Improved performance under high load. (Increased the static thread pool)