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We've got your hosting options covered

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Running PaperCut MF in your environment

So you're interested in running PaperCut MF within your environment. Well, the great news is it doesn’t matter where you install PaperCut MF. You can install it either on-prem, in your own datacentre or utilising cloud services such as GCP, Azure or AWS.

Which ever option you choose will be determined by a number of factors. There's some common variables when considering hosting PaperCut MF in a cloud environment, so let's explore how we've given you the freedom to choose the best option for you...

Freedom of choice

Pick any operating system, then choose to self host (either on prem, or in the cloud) - all synced with an Active Directory or cloud directory like Google Sync and Micrsoft Azure.

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Why choose the cloud?

Take our word for it...PaperCut MF is well-known for being a fantastic on-prem print management solution, and for those who may not know, it's also great in any cloud environment. In fact, for many years now PaperCut MF is commonly deployed within our customer's private or public cloud hosted environments.

But what does all this mean...public or private? Read more about what these options provide and the business benefits of hosting your print management.



Hosting Scenarios

There’s a number of different scenarios when considering hosting PaperCut MF in the cloud. One of the benefits with PaperCut MF is the flexibility and adaptability of the software to be able to fit into a variety of different architecture designs.

If you want to dive deep on how PaperCut MF can be deployed in your cloud scenario click here.

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Host yourself, or have it hosted for you?

Over recent years there’s been a trend to move away from on-prem to the cloud. Traditionally we’ve seen customers running print management solutions on-premise. Those who host on-prem can plan step change migration to have self hosted hybrid or full cloud implementations.

PaperCut MF can also be hosted on your behalf through established authorised partners around the globe. These partners can help set up your environment or, in some cases, may offer hosting services on your behalf.


Want to know more?

One of our customer care team will get in touch to work out the best way to get PaperCut MF into your organisation.

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