Adopt a Feature Program

Custom PaperCut development can be classed into two groups:

1. Custom development specific to a single site or implementation (e.g. customized reports containing a company logo.)
2. Development of a feature that could be of potential use to other PaperCut users and would enhance the PaperCut application as a whole.

Development tasks falling under the latter are added to our development task list. This list is prioritized in order popularity based various factors including customer votes (requests from users as placed in our feature request database). Popular features may be done immediately, however we can’t guarantee any fix time for less popular features. Customers requiring quick access to functionality may wish to consider our “adopt the feature” program and co-sponsor the development.

As you can see, PaperCut is under rapid development, and most customers are happy to wait for features, while others, particularly those in higher education can benefit from “jumping the queue”. The Adopt a Feature program provides a fair means to accelerate development.

The adopter of the feature receives:

  • access to the developers (us) to define how the feature should work and agree on a specification;
  • priority access to the new feature once implemented (e.g. a custom build outside the normal release cycle that can be applied on top of the current release);

PaperCut Software receives:

  • A new feature to enhance and improve the PaperCut application.
  • The new feature defined and tested in a real production environment.

PaperCut Software is keen to work with customers to build a better print management software. If you are interested in this program, please contact us at to discuss.


  1. Contact the PaperCut development team ( They will weigh up a number of factors to work out if the feature is a candidate for Adopt A Feature. In some cases your request may already be in the process of implementation.
  2. The developers will respond and work with you formalize requirements and agree on a mutual timeline.
  3. A development rate is determined. Most features done under adopt-a-feature are done at 50% below normal rate.
  4. PaperCut Software will provide a formal quotation summarizing the requirements and agreed timeline. We do all small development projects on a fix rate.
  5. The project is started from the time we receive a Purchase Order. In some cases and for larger projects, we may ask for a small deposit. The customer will need to also be licensed to run the current/latest version of PaperCut as the new feature will only be made available in the current release.

The Development Process:

  1. Work will commence after the receipt of a Purchase Order and done to the mutually agreed timeline.
  2. The PaperCut Development Team will supply a pre-release version for review.
  3. Any bugs or issues raised in the pre-release version can be raised in the Issues Document and will be addressed. This is the QA Phase.
  4. A final version with issues addressed will be supplied. This will be based off a production release with the new features incorporated. In most cases this will be an early access release, or in same cases is may be presented as a patch that can be applied on top of the current release.
  5. The changes will also be incorporated into the next official public release meaning they will remain after applying any further upgrade.

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