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Simple, secure printing … at the library

The modern library is no longer simply a free source of reading literature. Today’s public library provides services for patrons, job-seekers and the community they thrive in. You’ll also find technology services including print and copy and internet access.

This is especially true of Oklahoma’s Tulsa City-County Library .

This busy system of 25 libraries (a central library providing services and circulating collections, four regional libraries, and 18 neighborhood libraries) caters extremely well to the technology needs of its members.

So how has the management team set the library up for technological success?

In large part, because of Today’s Business Systems (TBS) as its software and hardware solutions provider.

A printing problem

TBS specializes in servicing the public library sector, which made them an easy choice when the Tulsa City-County Library needed to solve a printing problem.

Specifically, the library needed the ability for customers to print from anywhere, and release and pay for their documents at the library using cash or credit card.

Servicing a population of 605,000 residents in and around the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, (and with 25 different buildings to contend with) could pose a challenge for most technology providers. Not so for TBS and their rollout of PaperCut MF.

A smart print management solution

Focusing initially on the newly opened main library in late 2016 (one of the most state-of-the-art public library buildings in the USA), TBS prepared thoroughly by demonstrating and stress-testing the proposed solutions.

The increased functionality was a hit during testing, and the library went live with the new system right on grand opening time.

Since then, Tulsa-City County Public Library has rolled out the system to all locations using central server management. Updates and upgrades are managed centrally and don’t need to be installed on multiple instances. That makes the IT team’s jobs easier, while providing consistency in software implementation.

Tulsa City County Library printers

The TBS solution has solved all of their technical issues including:

  • Improving their reporting and audit trail
  • Reducing their physical footprint
  • Offering more functionality for payment options (credit card being the big one)
  • Improving the way they treat and share documents
  • Vendor support for ongoing maintenance

No library card, no problem

The TBS kiosk provides flexible payment options at the device. Patrons authenticate themselves by scanning their library card or guest pass at the kiosk, where they see only their print jobs. Payment can be made by coin, bill or credit card, including swipe, chip or NFC (Apple Pay or Android Pay).

TBS’s solution also gives library staff the ability to issue customized guest passes for any predetermined time period. Guest passes are used for customers who don’t have (or have forgotten) their library card. The guest pass mimics a library card, with a barcode  to give the user an adult or youth computer profile.

Tulsa-City County Library Chief Operating Officer Monique Sendze has high praise for TBS’s commitment and support of technology solutions in libraries: “TBS’s commitment to modern and innovative solutions that meet the needs of the 21st-century library customer is the reason we are working with them,” she says. “They have been great to work with and their support team has been especially responsive and provide quality customer service at all times.”

How PaperCut print management works at Tulsa City-County Library

Patrons can print via a public use computer or their own internet-enabled device such as a phone or tablet.

Behind the scenes, MyPC - computer time management software that integrates with PaperCut - tracks their time, and then allows them to extend their time if no one is waiting.

When they log in with a library card or guest pass and send a document to print, all print jobs from that session are automatically assigned to that library card number or guest pass number, creating a seamless integration with PaperCut MF . The same login session is also used to authenticate at the device for print release, creating a secure public printing environment that ensures privacy of user information.

Users at the public computers of the Tulsa City County Library

TBS , a PaperCut Certified Reseller, offers solutions that allow both patrons and guests to be able to print easily. It doesn’t sound like a difficult thing to do, but there aren’t many other partners dedicated to supporting libraries who can offer multi-payment solutions no matter what brand of device.

The TBS team prides itself on creating user-friendly workflows that are easy for a first time user, and provide the same consistent solution.

To find out more about Public and Education Library Solutions in the USA, contact the friendly team at TBS .


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