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Print at school the Anywhat way

Your school’s printing network needs a lot of things to go right to work well.

You need anyone to be able to print anything from anywhere. And with BYOD and mixed operating system environments, schools today are a mishmash of students and teachers using different devices on different operating systems wanting to send print jobs to different printers.

Chromebooks and laptops, iPhones and Androids, Windows and ChromeOS and iOS and any OS!

You don’t just need an anyone, anything, anywhere printing solution … you need the anywhat printing solution called PaperCut. Because no matter what you throw at it, PaperCut just works.

So, while we’re all in lockdown, now’s the time to take a deep look at ways to improve cost recovery in schools and universities. Now’s the time to solve the growing problem of BYOD printing. Now’s the time to research on-premises versus cloud-hosted print environments.

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Unpacking education’s printing problems

That’s why, over the next few weeks and months, PaperCut’s taking a deep dive into print management in education. We’re unpacking all the problems you face, such as:

  • managing the myriad devices students and faculty are using in the classroom
  • getting print queues setup on every student’s device
  • providing a consistent printing experience across mixed operating systems
  • ensuring your print network is secure , inside and out
  • optimizing your school’s print room so it runs efficiently and effectively
  • solving the eternal problem of documents left at the printer

PaperCut’s long been associated with education. In fact, the company’s beginnings can be traced to our founder’s frustration with paper wastage at the school he worked at. So let’s take this time together to ensure your print environment is working to its potential.

Ready to fix your school’s printing problems? Join us as we take you on the journey of the anywhat way of printing that is PaperCut!

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