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Growing SMB boosts productivity and security with PaperCut MF

When Kelvin Lim founded his company Pacific Integrated Logistics (PLG) in 2000, he started off with two employees in a small Singapore warehouse. Today his business has 198 employees throughout Asia and Europe; operating in 16 locations over 11 countries.

PLG began as a freight forwarding operation but steadily expanded as a logistics provider. Their present HQ is a 700,000 square fleet flagship logistics hub next to Tuas Mega Port where they provide expertise in multiple areas from warehousing to e-commerce.

“PLG is deemed the fastest growing Multi-Modal Logistics solutions provider.”

- Kelvin Lim, founder of Pacific Logistics Group

Mo Printing, Mo Problems

With a growing business, comes growing printing troubles.

Starting off humble meant humble capacity and resources. As the business grew larger, older systems aged quicker.

Operating in the world of freight forwarding and warehousing meant printing a lot of manifest documents:

  • Bills
  • Invoices
  • Packing Slips
  • Delivery Orders
  • Purchase Orders

When PLG was a smaller operation, this documentation was processed manually out of necessity. But as they grew their original methods proved too time-consuming.

Across four Singapore offices, PLG’s small three-member IT team was swamped with increasingly complex technical issues.

Due to the confidential nature of the industry’s documents, employees had to run to the printer to collect print jobs.

Complex printing is complex

To make matters worse, PLG’s printing environment wasn’t a simple one.

Multiple devices from various brands were a logistical nightmare when it came to technical support. Which they needed a lot of. Their MFDs were breaking down. ALL. THE. TIME.

This meant numerous technicians from numerous brands. All that coming and going meant for a wide margin of error for missed appointments and communication breakdown.

The print environment snowballed quickly:

  • Scrambling to collect print jobs!
  • Troubleshooting constant issues!
  • Organising technical support!

It didn’t just impact workflow and document security. Employee morale was on a downward spiral.

The needs were vast:

  • Fix printing environment
  • Improve workflow
  • Boost employee morale
  • Bolster document security

Enter a solution

PaperCut MF was able to provide solutions for all these ailments.

1) Document Security

Thanks to secure print release employees now authenticate their print jobs at the MFD, preventing sensitive material from being uncollected.

With Find-Me printing employees are now able to send documents securely from office to office, warehouse to warehouse, and beyond e.g. from their Global HQ at Tuas to their Changi Warehouse.

2) Tracking and reporting

Individuals and departments now track respective print volumes and usage for individual users and entire departments, as well as generate company-wide print reports for review.

3) Reduce cost and waste

Tracking volume and usage has reduced paper wastage. PaperCut has resulted in tested and proven 20 - 30% rates of cost savings.

Printing for your SMB

When your business is expanding like Kelvin Lim’s, you don’t need unnecessary headaches sapping your company and staff of energy and time.

Our print management solution is literally multiple award-winning for the SMB industry.

Find out more about how PaperCut can solve your business needs.


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