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7 and ½ reasons law firms manage print with PaperCut

Printing is mission-critical for the legal world : lawyers and paralegals need to copy, scan, print, and even fax: contracts, agreements, bylaws, NDAs…

You’re on a print management blog. You know all this ‒ law firms print a lot!

All that legal document printing, copying, scanning, and faxing (yep, really, more on this later) can be difficult to manage. That’s why law firms all around the world recover printing costs and regulate document compliance with PaperCut.

We’ve got all the reasons (and the half reasons) why.

7 and ½ reasons why legal manages print with PaperCut

1. Visibility: track and report billing

The first thing PaperCut’s solutions provide is visibility : eyeballs into your printing environment.

Once your law firm knows who’s printing what, system administrators can identify where to create restrictions and actions for printing with features like logging and archiving.

Whether it be client, individual, or department documents, PaperCut provides real-time data for your law firm to efficiently track and manage printing.

2. Money savings: recover costs

All those documents legal departments and law firms print have associated costs that need to be recouped. Allocate and bill all print, copy, scan, and fax costs with shared accounts and client billing .

3. Confidentiality and compliance: document security

Legal documents host plenty of sensitive data. That’s a lot of confidentiality to protect and compliance regulations to adhere to. PaperCut secures documents and data through all stages of a print job’s lifecycle : before, during, and after printing.

Find-Me printing means your workforce can print from any printer they’re closest to securely. Thanks to Secure Print Release no print job will release without authentication.

Then when it comes to the actual printing process itself, all scans and print jobs are protected with end-to-end encryption.

Document ownership is then protected with watermarking and digital signatures.

4. Ease of use: efficient workflow, and productivity

Make billable printing secure and efficient for your fee-earners.

PaperCut has an exhaustive list of third-party integrations that allows your firm to streamline document management.

Make scanning and OCR simple with our connected cloud services. Save time with one-touch scanning and make your document securely searchable on our full range of supported cloud document storage providers.

5. Hybrid and remote working: mobile/BYOD printing

Most modern workplaces are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, and legal firms are no exception.

PaperCut solutions like PaperCut Mobility Print and PaperCut Pocket specialize in enabling printing - ensuring your firm can print simply no matter what platform or device they’re using.

This is especially handy in the current post-pandemic hybrid working model. Since COVID-19, like lots of industries, legal need flexible ways to support printing for workers moving between home/remote locations and the office.

6. Printer brand/OS compatibility: vendor-neutral

PaperCut software is vendor-neutral. There’s no need to swap out your current systems or MFD fleet, nor change your practice management software or any of your other internal systems.

Our solutions are not limited to any manufacturer or brand. We’ve been supporting cross-platform printing for almost any OS under the sun. This includes cross-platform administration and multi-platform support.

PaperCut is included as an embedded software app right at the MFD touch-screen, providing security and easy usability for your entire fleet, no matter what your MFD/MFP vendor is.

7. Waste reduction: environmentally friendly printing

All that legal printing brings environmental impact top of mind for many law firms.

With more and more legal businesses committing to reducing their carbon footprint, PaperCut’s environmental philosophy is a green match for sustainable printing.

7 and ½. Faxing\

You read that right, but if you were surprised, that’s why this is half a reason.

Faxing didn’t actually go anywhere (and is huge in healthcare ) and it’s of use for some law firms. E-faxing specifically is a vital tool for secure messaging within the legal industry.

PaperCut’s ever-growing list of supported fax services is a niche but no less important reason to give Scan to Fax a half spot on our list.

Did we miss a reason?

If you work in legal and you have a print management pain-point not covered here, get in touch with our Customer Care team and they’ll point you towards the PapeCut product for you.

Or if you’re won over by our 7 and ½ reasons, give PaperCut NG a free 40-day trial and let us know how your law firm found it.



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