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How law firms reduce costs and enhance security with PaperCut

Printing is mission-critical for the legal world: Lawyers and paralegals rely on efficient print management for law firms to handle essential tasks such as copying, scanning, printing, and even faxing documents like contracts, agreements, bylaws, and NDAs.

Why PaperCut? Here we explore the top reasons why law firms worldwide choose PaperCut to manage their printing needs, ensuring cost recovery, document compliance, and more.

1. Visibility: Track and Report Billing

Utilizing PaperCut’s solutions offers unparalleled visibility into your print environment. Knowing who prints what allows system administrators to implement necessary restrictions and actions, enhancing print management for law firms. Real-time data tracking helps law firms efficiently manage client, individual, or department documents, optimizing legal document printing solutions.

2. Money Savings: Recover Costs

Law firms often find themselves burdened with substantial expenses from printing documents. However, with PaperCut, the process of precise allocation and billing of all print, copy, scan, and fax costs is streamlined. This not only aids in reducing printing costs effectively but also ensures that every sheet of paper is accounted for. The shared accounts and client billing features further enhance transparency, adding to cost management.

3. Confidentiality and Compliance: Document Security

Law firm printing security is paramount due to the sensitive nature of legal documents. PaperCut secures documents and data across all stages of a print job—from creation to completion. Features like Find-Me printing and Secure Print Release ensure that no print job is released without proper authentication, maintaining strict print compliance for law firms.

4. Ease of Use: Efficient Workflow and Productivity

PaperCut offers a suite of features that integrate seamlessly with third-party applications, enhancing the workflow and productivity of law firms. Simplifying scanning and OCR processes through connected cloud services saves time and secures documents, making them easily searchable across supported cloud document storage providers.

5. Hybrid and Remote Working: Mobile/BYOD Printing

The modern workplace, including law firms, often supports a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture. PaperCut’s solutions, like Mobility Print and PaperCut Pocket, cater to legal requirements for BYOD printing, ensuring easy and secure printing across various devices and platforms. This is particularly beneficial in the hybrid working models adopted post-COVID-19, supporting flexible print options for remote or office staff.

6. Printer Brand/OS Compatibility: Vendor-Neutral

PaperCut’s software supports nearly any operating system and printer brand without requiring changes to your existing systems. This vendor-neutral approach ensures law firms maintain their infrastructure while benefiting from PaperCut’s advanced features.

7. Waste Reduction: Environmentally Friendly Printing

Committing to environmentally friendly practices is crucial for law firms aiming to reduce their carbon footprint. PaperCut promotes sustainable printing practices, helping firms minimize waste and promote environmental responsibility.

7 and ½. Faxing

Though seemingly outdated, faxing remains a critical tool in the legal sector, particularly in e-faxing forms that provide secure messaging. PaperCut supports a growing list of fax services, underscoring its utility even in modern legal practices.

Did we miss a reason?

If you work in legal and you have a print management pain-point not covered here, get in touch with our Customer Care team and they’ll point you towards the PapeCut product for you.

Or if you’re won over by our 7 and ½ reasons, give PaperCut NG a free 40-day trial and let us know how your law firm found it.


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