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PaperCut Maintenance & Support: keeping your setup at its best

This blog has been updated to reflect the new product name for our support service, PaperCut Maintenance & Support (M&S).

The value of M&S

M&S is how you keep your PaperCut installation up-to-date. You see, PaperCut isn’t a subscription licence - it’s perpetual. That means you buy it outright (easier for capex budgeting) and it’s yours forever and ever and ever and … well, you get the drift.

However, just like, say, your toaster, your purchase is a particular model (or in the case of software, version). But, with toasters you don’t get any upgrades (well, you might, but I’m not familiar with toaster upgrade programs).

Having a particular model (version) is cool for the first few months and even years—it has the latest features, after all. But what happens when a new feature comes out that you’d really rather fancy having? What happens when a security threat pops up that your version isn’t protected against (ok, so toasters don’t have security threats, but software sure does)..

That’s the value of M&S. With M&S, you get access to the latest versions of your PaperCut software . That means regular new features AND protection against security threats. Whoa, access to the latest and greatest print management technology AND instant peace of mind. BOOM!

Let’s talk about print management security

Something I hear a lot from PaperCut MF users is that it just works (not: “it only just works”, I mean: “it just … works”). In many ways, PaperCut MF is a set and forget. It chugs away in the background tracking and monitoring and reporting and saving and just … working.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there are system administrators who haven’t logged into their PaperCut dashboard in ages. Because … it just works - there’s nothing to check on.

But there is something to check on. Updates. Especially security updates. The critical-patches-that-protect-a-network type of patches.

The LAST thing any IT worker wants to do is front up to the executive team to admit, “The security breach occurred because we hadn’t downloaded the latest security update of x software.”

M&S is your first line of protection against security attacks, by giving you access to patches, updates and upgrades. Important stuff.

A bit about new features

Let’s take a brief peek at a couple of recent additions to PaperCut MF. Just so we can understand what many universities and hospitals and small businesses and the like are missing out on with their elderly instances of PaperCut:

That’s a bit of a shame, because when PaperCut releases a new feature, it leads to saved costs, better convenience, a happier environment, a safer workplace, or some combination of the four.

Look, I held onto my 2003 Subaru Impreza for a looooong time. I mean it had automatic windows, air conditioning, a stereo with CD player - what more could I need? But late last year I relented and bought a pretty new VW and oh my - how technology has changed. This one has a computer that helps me park and reverse and all sorts of stuff I had to do myself in the past. It’s got a teensy tiny 1.5 litre engine that goes twice as fast as my old 2 litre while using half the gas.

Technology, it changes REAL quick. And at PaperCut, M&S is how you keep abreast.

Becoming M&S-protected

If you’re a PaperCut MF user, get back in touch with your reseller and start a conversation about M&S. Your reseller will tell you about the latest bits we’ve added to PaperCut software that might improve the way you work. See if it’s worth it for you.

And if you’re a PaperCut NG user, fire off a quick email to . Too easy.


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