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An introduction to the Pandoc document format tool

VALA - Libraries / Technology and the Future held their biannual tech camp in Melbourne, Australia recently. It’s a two day event designed to help people working in the GLAM sector  (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums - not David Bowie ) make better use of technology.

There were lots of great sessions on using technology to manage and publish information.

One of those great sessions was by PaperCutter Alec Clews, who gave a talk on the Pandoc text formatting tool. Luckily, the gang at VALA has made his presentation available online. Here it is:

Introduction to the Pandoc document format tool

We use Pandoc at PaperCut. It’s really useful for both documentarians and developers. Our OCR scanning feature embeds Pandoc to manage document formats after the OCR engine has done its job.

In the PaperCut integration space, Alec uses Pandoc to help build various parts of the developer documentation we provide.

If you want even more dirty details about how Alec uses these types of tools, you’ll want to see the following talk he gave at Linux Conf AU in 2018.


And if you want to learn about the work Alec and his team does with integrations, ping them at integrations-dev-support@papercut.com .