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Say goodbye to print room forms

Does the image above look familiar?

If you’ve ever stepped foot in a print room or FabLab, there’s a good chance you’ve come across something similar to the form above. You know the one, an option-filled document a user must fill out specifying how they would like their files printed.

From the color of the paper, to whether they want one, two or three staples in their document… the options are endless.

Question: what happens to this form once the order arrives into the print room? With so many options on a single form, there’s a good chance the user has selected a combination of options that are simply not going to work together.

For example, there’s no chance we can ring bind a document, as well as putting two hole punches in it. Seems obvious, right? But so often selections like this occur, which delays orders being processed. This also adds additional overhead to the busy print room operators.

If only there was an easier way to manage orders coming into the print room and make sure they’re right the first time. Sigh.

Hang on, it wouldn’t be the PaperCut blog if I didn’t have a solution for you!

Meet Job Ticketing , an add on feature for PaperCut MF . It’s a simple-to-use tool (like anything PaperCutty) for managing the submission and workflow of print jobs as they pass through your print room or FabLab.

It all starts with a customizable product template. This makes it simple for users to know what products your print room offers and what information you need to make sure their job is right the first time.

This looks simple to use!

As a user picks their chosen product, you can then present them with a customized online order form with only the available options displayed.

Back to our earlier point around ring binding and hold punching, this gives you the flexibility to create a “Ring Bound Booklets” product, and make sure that hole punching would not be displayed.

Paper selection is simple for users

So that solves the users placing their order, uploading their document, and picking the right options. But what about those annoying phone calls every five minutes… “Is my order ready yet?”

Job Ticketing fixes this, too. Users can not only view the status of their orders from the web interface, but we’ll also make sure they get an email as the most important steps get checked off:

  • Order received
  • Order processing
  • Order completed

A view of the job status view

“How do I try out this awesome feature?” I hear you shout!

Reach out to the PaperCut team at or contact your local PaperCut reseller for more information. You’ll definitely want to see a demo and find out how Job Ticketing can revolutionize your print room workflow.

Yay, no more print room forms!


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