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How to keep your documents secure for life

Organizations around the world are mindful of print security. That’s good. However, most people don’t think about securing a document after it’s collected from the printer.

Here at PaperCut, the lifetime of a document is at the front of our minds. That’s why we have watermarking technology built right in.

Watermarks! YUK! I don’t want one of those plastered across my documents!

Hang on… wait a second… Most people think of watermarks as that massive line of text going diagonally right across the page. And, I’d agree, they’re pretty ugly!


How about a discrete line of text in the footer that reminds the user who prints the document that it’s their responsibility to look after it? A simple line of text that gives you - the PaperCut NG or MF administrator - the opportunity to trace the document back if it’s left lying around.

That’s where PaperCut’s Digital Signatures can help. Built into PaperCut MF and NG, our digital signatures function creates a unique alpha-numeric code and places it on the printed document.

Subtle security without detracting from the document

In this example, you can see the user who printed the document, reminding them that they’re responsible for protecting the document. Plus, there’s a unique code that can be traced by the PaperCut administrator.

Setting up watermarks and digital signatures in PaperCut MF or NG is easy

And guess what! It’s unbelievably simple to set up too!

Just jump over to the Advanced Printer Configuration inside your PaperCut NG or MF admin interface (Printers > Select Printer > Scroll down to Advanced Configuration).

Select “Apply Watermark / Digital Signature” and with a click of “Apply” you’re good to go (if you fancy going rogue, you can make changes to the watermark, too).

Setting up watermarks and digital signatures in PaperCut MF or NG is still easy!

So there you have it - secure from the moment you decide to press print, to the moment you decide to recycle your document (and beyond).

Got a question? Get in touch with our support team at PaperCut Support or hit me up in the comments below. I’ll take on any challenge you can throw at me about printing!


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