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A sysadmin’s take on the top 10 benefits of Print Deploy

Freshly launched, Print Deploy is taking print queues by storm all over the world. Its MO? Getting the right print driver and right print queue to the right person in the right location, automatically.

But that’s just an elevator pitch (albeit a great one); what are the tangible wins for a sysadmin like myself*?* And are there 10 that slot beautifully into a bite-sized blog*?*

You bet.

Read on, and try Print Deploy for free with a 40-day trial of PaperCut NG.

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The top 10 benefits of Print Deploy

1. It comes standard right out of the box

No irksome per-user, per-computer, per-printer, per-queue licensing – and no extra purchases needed. Print Deploy is a stock feature for both PaperCut MF and NG.

2. It works with basically any brand

Is life even worth living without printer flexibility? Unequivocally yes. But choice is nice. So whether you’ve got HPs, Canons, Lexmarks, Ricohs, Kyoceras, Epsons, or a hodgepodge, you’re good to go.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10; macOS 10.12 to 10.14; Linux and Chromebook support on the way. Bring all the deploys to multiple yards.

4. It “automagically” shows and hides printers

Viable printers dynamically deploy and de-deploy as users move about the office, drive to another branch, or leave to “work from home.”

5. It reinstalls queues super quick

Finding drivers to reinstall a print queue is a time-consuming slog. But with everything automated? You’re free to move onto other time-consuming slogs.

6. It cuts through bad queues like butter

Corrupted print queue? 99 bad settings? Stop troubleshooting and just delete, refresh, and move on to your next task.

7. It makes driver mismatch a problem of the past

Correct drivers are all automatically taken care of, so your direct print environment is always fighting fit and ready to print.

8. It keeps management centralized

It used to be that you’d need a different tool to manage print queues for each OS. Wait for it… Not anymore you don’t.

9. It follows a rapid and rigorous update cycle

Print Deploy was created by the team that brought you Mobility Print, so you can basically bank on never-ending support and enhancements.

10. It’s WYSIWYG at its most wonderful

Both the noise I make when doing air nunchucks, and the acronym for ‘What You See Is What You Get,’ WYSIWYG underpins Print Deploy’s approach to preferences and printers options. Set up a queue the way you like it, clone it, deploy it. It’s that simple.


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