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Print Geeks: a PaperCut podcast reboot!

What podcast has been missing from your life? One exclusively about the print management industry, that’s what!

You can hold your breath no more for all your printing podcast needs are now accounted for…

PaperCut proudly presents the Print Geeks Podcast!

That’s a plentiful amount of alliteration in the opening paragraphs. I’m perfectly okay with it.

Why have we launched a new podcast?

Every year at PaperCut we have a company-wide hackathon, called Constructival , where PaperCutters all across the globe put their tools down for two days and work on side projects that tickle their fancy.

Inspired by recent feedback from our channel asking for podcast content, we formed a Constructival team to reboot our previous podcasting efforts into the all-encompassing Print Geeks - your go-to pod for all things PaperCut and print management.

We previously dabbled in the podcast arena with Meet a PaperCutter . We didn’t want to lose that concept, but we wanted to expand our spoken-word efforts.

Rebooted as a more general podcast about PaperCut and the print industry, our Constructival team created some episode themes to keep Print Geeks fresh from episode to episode:

  • ShortCuts | PaperCutters read the PaperCut blog
  • NewsCuts | A monthly round-up of all things PaperCutty
  • MeetCuts | Meet PaperCutters and friends
  • DeepCuts | Deep dives into all things print

These are just a jumping-off point, with the flexibility to expand as the pod grows. Sorry not sorry for that pun, by the way. Or, you know, ALL the puns in the episode themes.

Where can you listen to the Print Geeks podcast?

We’re hosting it on Anchor , so it’s available on multiple platforms:

You’ll notice that we already have three episodes up for your listening pleasure!

Regular readers of the blog will notice the audio versions we’ve included with some posts. This built the momentum for our hackathon project, and it meant we had a stock of episodes to build from.

One of the most special parts of this year’s PaperCut Constructival was that many of our teams were joined by members of our APAC (Asia-Pacific) ASC (Authorized Solution Center) - Taco Technologies .

For our first episode of DeepCuts, PaperCutters Chethana and Jamie interviewed Taco’s Marketing Specialist Deborah Boyle and their Solutions Consultant Stuart Hartshorn.

That’s enough writing about a podcast for one blog. All that’s left is to let the new talkie-talkie do the talking.

Check out the Print Geeks podcast and let us know in the comments of anything you’d like us to cover in a future episode.



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