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040 | Print Spooler: (almost) everything you need to know

The Windows Print Spooler.

If you don’t know what it is, you’ve come across it before. You know what I mean. That “Paused - Printer Spooling” message that was stuck on your computer screen for 20 minutes while you waited for a simple one-page document to print.

The Print Spooler is often an enigma for end-users pressing print.

So on today’s episode of Print Geeks, we’re joined by PaperCutter legend and print veteran Alan Morris, former Microsoft employee and Godfather of the Windows print system. That’s not an exaggeration. Alan literally helped build the Windows print system. If it’s made the Print Spooler crash, Alan’s seen it.

Who’s we, by the way? Me, your regular host, and joining me on his semi-regular co-hosting duties is PaperCut’s favorite (and only) Canadian print geek, PaperCutter Jamie.

Amidst tales from the Windows print system trenches and analogies about baseball and coal mines, join us as we explain what print spoolers are, why they exist, why print spooling issues occur, and how to fix them.

Want to know (almost) everything you need to know about Print Spoolers and print spooling? Start here!

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