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Print Geeks 012 DeepCuts | PrintNightmare: the Windows printing security bombshell

PrintNightmare. Ooh, scary! But seriously, it is.

PrintNightmare is the single biggest security bombshell to hit the print world in the last decade (though now we’ve got Log4j blowing up the print world, the web world, the cloud world, and pretty much everything online).

Avid readers will remember product rockstar Willem’s recent blog covering how to fix PrintNightmare with some of our solutions - namely Mobility Print and Print Deploy.

Now we’ve got the holes plugged and the fires put out, I wanted to delve a little deeper (what did you expect from DeepCuts, after all?) into what, how, and why PrintNightmare is. To do that I roped in two eminently knowledgeable PaperCutters on the subject: Tim Grimshaw, Support Operations guru, and Alan Morris, Technical Lead and a living legend in the PaperCut support world.


Tim brings his countless firsthand experiences with the customer impacts of Print Nightmare big and small. Alan’s been hands-on fixing and mitigating PrintNightmare’s damage, and gives us some unique insights from his previous life as part of the Microsoft team working on Windows printing. I couldn’t have asked for a better tag-team of guests to go deep with me on such a complex and pressing subject.

Bonus good news: like a real pro podcaster (fake it ‘till you make it!) I’m now rocking a real digital interface and condenser mic, so this time it doesn’t sound like I’m hosting from inside a leaky submarine!

I hope you enjoy the episode, learn something new, and I’ll see you for the next installment of DeepCuts. I won’t even try dropping hints about what we’ll be covering - who’d have thought scheduling guests across three time zones could be so tricky? But whatever we’re talking about, I hope you’ll join me the next time we go deep!