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What our Google Premier Partnership means for you

Officially tweet-announced by Google for Education  a couple days ago, our new partnership with the tech legend will see us make a lot of wonderful things for Google-based workplaces.

We can’t spill the beans just yet, but there’ll definitely be some happy sysadmins when PaperCut 18.3 releases in November. 👀

Meanwhile, to get you up to speed, here’s a wrap of the recent press release announcing the, uh, announcement.

To recap…

… We’re a Google Premier Partner! *crowd goes low-key wild*

It means we’ll be working our spools off to deliver cutting-edge printing solutions for G Suite, Google Cloud Identity, and Chromebook users.

With 20 years’ experience in education, we feel this marriage was pretty destined – but we’re still incredibly psyched about it. And so is Willem Groenewald, our Senior Product Manager.

“It’s something we’ve been working on closely with Google – giving schools easy Chromebook printing – so the partnership makes a lot of sense. We feel we’re solving this problem better than anyone,” Willem says proudly.

Kicking goals with Mobility Print

Integrating our BYOD solution Mobility Print with G Suite/Cloud Identity is just one of the ways we’re really making an impact.

How? Well, it lets users print easily from any device – Chromebooks included – via its native interface. So everything’s smooth and natural from the get-go.

Better yet, with the number of active Mobility Print-using Chromebooks recently hitting 1 million, it’s already delivering amazing results in the real world – and for real clients.

Take Dallastown Area School District (DASD) and  how they solved Chromebook printing for over 6,000 students :

“I can push a policy out with G Suite and know everyone will get it," says DASD sysadmin John Lenhart.

“It’s the same with PaperCut. Within 10 minutes, all our Chromebooks had it [Mobility Print]… I didn’t have a single Chromebook printing issue all year.”

A partnership with serious potential

We’re beyond excited to get some new Google goodies in your hands with 18.3. But what the future holds is the real tickler.

“Being a Premier Partner lets us go even further to take frustration and waste out of everyday printing,” says Willem.

“It’s great because staff and students can focus on what really matters: learning. I feel it’s only going to lead to more success stories for PaperCut and Google.”

So stay tuned for 18.3, ‘cause if you’re a Google-y workplace, you’re absolutely gonna love all the sweet stuff coming your way.


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