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Does PaperCut really have a positive effect on the environment?

A support ticket came through today. Nothing unusual about that – we often hear from customers looking to solve their unique problems.

This one was different, though. It got me thinking about PaperCut’s impact on the environment.

Here’s what came through: ‘Eat vegetarian and save the environment that way. Your attempts of conservation are out of line with reality.’

Eat vegetarian and save the environment that way. Your attempts of conservation are out of line with reality.

I thought about the comment for a while. I thought about what drove them to write that.

A passion for vegetarianism? Yes, probably. Ignorance of how PaperCut impacts the environment? Definitely.

And hey, maybe that’s our fault. Perhaps we don’t push sustainability loudly or clearly enough.

Regardless, I wanted to explain what we, as a company, mean when we talk about the environment. And I figured I’d share that with you as well.


Good afternoon!

I love your passion and you know what, I don’t completely disagree with you on this. The reality is that in the grand scheme of things, our product will only have a minor impact on the environment, if we’re lucky.

PaperCut was started as a way to save paper and toner usage on a much smaller level, but the idea of conservation has stuck with the company for the past 20 years.

A good way to look at it is to consider it as leading by example. If people are looking into print management software and notice how it could cut down on paper usage, they may also consider other ways to cut back in their own work environments. Every little bit helps. :-)

That said, there are quite a few vegetarians in all three of our global offices, including myself. I just made some fake bacon this morning for breakfast!

If you’re at all curious about our company’s views on sustainability, I would recommend running through our blog page. We often cover some topics that, while not directly relating to eating, do cover conservation efforts.

Here’s a good example .

Feel free to reach out any time if you have any questions!

Eric Gore PaperCut


Hopefully the ticket raiser now has a bit of context as to why we’re so proud to work at PaperCut.

And for those wanting to know, the fake bacon was delicious!


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