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10 Things to LOVE When You Offload Your Printer Management

1. Everyone becomes a print Jedi: “These are the pages you are looking for….” (See also: “Use the cloud, Luke.”)

2. You don’t have to worry about the printer smelling your fear when it knows you’re in a hurry.

3. No more arguments with your printer about why it needs magenta ink when you want to print in black-and-white.

4. Next time you play Rage Against The Machine, you won’t automatically think of your printer.

5. Reinstalling your printer driver no longer requires sacrificing a goat and praying to the gods.

6. You never have to wonder where that grinding/clicking/beeping noise is coming from (unless it’s your weird co-worker Barry…)

7. You get 36 minutes back in your working day just by NOT standing in line at a printer.

8. SAVE PAPER AND TREES! Also, money on printing… but trees!

9. Your cute animal printouts and top-secret family recipes won’t fall into the wrong hands ever again.

10. You can stop wandering from printer to printer looking for your documents (but you’ll need to get your 10,000 steps up in other ways…)


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