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New Website Additions

The developers have taken a few days out this week from programming Java and C/C++ and switched over to HTML and JavaScript. We’ve added two new sections to our website:

A New Tour The first area is our new product tour . The old tour was getting a little crusty. It did not show off many of the new features we’ve added to PaperCut over the past few years. The new tour is a clean start, a new design and shows off what we feel are PaperCut’s best assets. Tom’s done some great work with CSS and jQuery to implement some interested lightbox effects when you click on the image thumbnails.

The ROI Calculator The state of the economy is a hot topic at the moment so we thought’s we’d put together a tool to help you work out how much PaperCut will help you save. Unlike a lot of software, PaperCut actually saves you money (That’s a jibe at Microsoft as we all like to bash them from time to time :-) ) The ROI Calculator will guide you through a series of questions and generate a series of charts and statistics to help you understand how much PaperCut will save over a 5 year period (return on investment). As you will all know we’re also all keen on the environmental stance of PaperCut, and the calculator will also project the environmental impact savings. We hope this will give system administrators one more tool to help convince management about PaperCut!

Matt’s done a great job on the ROI Calculator. It’s all implemented in client-side JavaScript. Even the chart generation is done in DHTML with some fancy DOM manipulation.

Next week we’re back on normal coding busy working away on the 9.3 release!


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