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Happy Sysadmin Day!

Each year at PaperCut we celebrate one special day with a little more enthusiasm than others: Sysadmin Day ! This year, on the 25th of July we recognize all the guys and girls out there for their tireless, never-ending, behind-the-scenes work in countless organizations around the world.

Happy Sysadmin Day 2014!

These everyday heroes keep us working productively by responding to our urgent alerts and triaging our cries for help. It’s often said that these heros are unsung however there are in fact songs written about them! It was this job that all those years ago, planted the seed that grew to become PaperCut as you know it today!

Chris Dance was a young science & engineering student and part time system administrator at Parkdale High School . Between fixing keyboards, replacing stolen mice and trying to deal with the out-of-control student printing, Chris saw an opportunity to raise the visibility of the print-waste and change the students’ behavior.

Combining system administration and software engineering with the help of his room-mate Matt Doran , before long, Chris was installing the new software on Parkdale High School’s computers and paper was being saved. The pair thought that other schools might find it useful too, so they made it available to everyone .

The PaperCut solution today helps thousands of system administrators around the world by monitoring and controlling their networked print environment without leaving their desks.

We would like to give a shout out to all the IT gurus out there and especially our very own system administrators who make up a fifth of the PaperCut family.

Sysadmin Day gifts for the hard working employees at PaperCut

Happy Sysadmin Day to all of you, from the sysadmins here at PaperCut!


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