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PaperCut is helping an international charity spend less on printing leaving more for humanitarian aid

Cutting to the chase


Poor print management was costing World Vision in Angola valuable resources.


PaperCut MF gave them better reporting and offered ways to reduce costs.


Lower usage and less waste meant reduced administrative expenses.

World Vision International is a leading humanitarian aid, development, and advocacy organization that has been operating since 1950. It is active in over 100 countries around the world and focuses on child protection, economic development, education, health and nutrition, as well as clean water and sanitation.

World Vision partners with governments, civil society organizations, faith communities, businesses, academia, and others to help improve communities and offer support during emergencies.

Osvaldo Quihila has been an IT Technician for World Vision in Angola since February 2022. He’s responsible for supervising the PaperCut MF system, which services over 200 staff members and is linked to four printers.

“We were using ten boxes of paper every month, now it’s about five."

- Osvaldo Quihila,

IT Technician, World Vision International, Angola.


As a not-for-profit charity, World Vision Angola is well aware that it’s vital to spend as little as possible on administrative costs. The smallest savings can have significant impacts when rerouted to the lifesaving and life-changing work that they do in the field.

That said, project documentation and a variety of forms and questionnaires play a crucial role in administering the work that they accomplish. Dealing as they do with some of the most impoverished communities in the world, it’s easy to see why the need for hard-copy documentation is unavoidable.

Prior to using PaperCut MF, there was no way for World Vision Angola to keep track of what was being printed, how much, and by whom. Getting greater visibility of their print usage was the primary objective. But PaperCut ended up helping them in other ways too.


With PaperCut MF installed, each staff member’s computer gives them access to the system and allows them to print out whatever they need at the nearest printer. “We have a lot of health projects to print out,” Osvaldo explains, “and many, many forms and lists that have to be signed each, and every, day.”

But, just as importantly, PaperCut allows Osvaldo and the team to keep track of who is doing the printing and what it’s for. “It’s very important for us, because we have a cost center that needs to know where to allocate the cost. Before PaperCut it was impossible to know where to place those charges.”

Of course, PaperCut MF offers a variety of other features on top of its comprehensive reporting. It allows users to print from a huge range of devices, including Chromebooks,

Android, macOS, iOs, and Windows machines. The automated print queues mean that users have the drivers they need and access to the appropriate printers wherever they are. And Find-Me printing means users can release the document they’;ve put in the queue at whichever printer is most convenient.

Another benefit is the simplicity of adding a new user to the system. With staff coming in and out of the World Vision Angola office, PaperCut makes it easy for a new user to register and be added to the system in a matter of minutes. Meanwhile, the system’s secure printing ensures that any private or sensitive documents aren’t left lying around, because they are printed out only when the user is at the printer ready to collect them. And, of course, Osvaldo used PaperCut’s inbuilt printing rules to get everyone to print on both sides of the paper to further reduce costs.


Osvaldo is thrilled with the difference that PaperCut has made. “We were using about ten boxes of paper every month, now it’s about five,” he reveals.

As well as offering the usage visibility they needed, PaperCut MF has just made it easier for all the staff at World Vision Angola to do the important work they do faster and more efficiently.

With that success under his belt, Osvaldo is taking his PaperCut knowledge to another of his clients. “I’m working on a big project with a mining company. They have two sites and more than 18 printers, so we’re starting to configure PaperCut for them next week.”