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Tulsa City-County Library network uses PaperCut to make printing easy for thousands of patrons across 25 locations


Cutting to the chase


Finding an easy to use and versatile print management system was essential.


PaperCut MF enabled flexible payment options, better reporting, and much more.


A robust solution that delivers to the specific requirements of this library

The Tulsa City-County Library in Oklahoma, USA, aims to inspire, promote learning, and create connections that strengthen the communities it serves. In addition to providing a free source of reading literature, the library offers opportunities for online learning, child and teen programs, adult learning, job coaching, literacy and outreach programs, and even a seed library that allows residents to check out seeds to grow in their own gardens.

And we’re not talking just one location. The Tulsa City-County Library consists of a network of 25 venues in total – a central library plus four regional libraries and 18 neighborhood locations to serve a population of 605,000 residents in and around the city of Tulsa.

“PaperCut is a key part of Tulsa City-County Library’s commitment to offering our customers modern and innovative library services.”"

- Monique Sendze,

Tulsa City-County Library Chief Operating Office


The Tulsa City-County Library were committed to providing their customers with the ability to print from anywhere and release and pay for their documents at the library using cash or credit card. First and foremost, the system needed to be easy to use. It also needed to cater to people who had library membership cards as well as those that were not yet members or had forgotten their card. And finally, it had to operate seamlessly across the 25 different locations that make up the library.

The Tulsa City-County Library worked with their technology consultants to find a print management system that would meet their very specific requirements. It became clear that PaperCut MF offered the simplicity and flexibility that the library needed to achieve its goals.


The library and their tech consultants focused initially on the state-of-the-art main library being built in Tulsa City’s Civic Centre. The PaperCut system was installed and thoroughly stress-tested in the lead up to the library’s grand opening.

With the successful operation of the system fully confirmed, it was then rolled out to all the locations using central server management. All updates and upgrades are managed from a central location and don’t need to be installed individually in the different venues. Not only does this streamline the process and reduce the IT team’s workload, but it also ensures consistency of software implementation throughout the network.

Patrons can print their documents via one of the public use computers in the library or by their own internet-enabled device like a smartphone or tablet.

The system provides flexible payment options at each printer. Patrons authenticate themselves by scanning their library card or guest pass and will then have access to only their documents to print when they’re at the printer. They can pay for their printing by cash or by credit card. Guest passes are issued for a predetermined time period for any customers who don’t have, or have forgotten, their library card.

When a patron logs in with their library card or guest pass, their documents are automatically assigned to that unique member number. This ensures that only they can release the documents when they’re at the printer, ensuring complete security and privacy of user information.


The integration of PaperCut MF with compatible kiosk technology – that allows cash and credit card payments at the printer – has enabled the Tulsa City-County Library to offer more payment options than previously. Plus offering the ability for patrons to use a variety of devices to initiate the print jobs. But these are only some of the benefits of the new print management system.

Library management are just as pleased with the innovation as library customers. Moving to PaperCut has greatly improved the reporting and audit trail for the city’s network of libraries. This has led to better budgeting and lower running costs.

And because the system ensures that the responsible customer is at the printer when the documents are released, not only is private information kept safe, but waste is reduced from print jobs being forgotten or printed out multiple times.

PaperCut is helping the City of Tulsa keep public libraries a relevant and very useful service for the entire community.