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A revolutionary coworking and co-living community uses PaperCut as its print management solution.

The babel community

Cutting to the chase


This unique urban community had very specific needs for its print management


PaperCut MF made it easy to access printers in residences and workspaces.


Hassle-free operation and seamless integration with an existing billing system

The Babel Community is a new concept in creating hybrid residences and workspaces. It provides a place where people can sleep, eat, exercise, work and live. The Babel Community opened its first residence in November 2017 on the Old Port of Marseille, France. A second has opened in Montpellier, with the intention to spread the concept across Europe in coming years.

Each residence in the community is integrated into a larger ecosystem of services and leisure activities, including concierge support, community events, cleaning services, and room service.

Each apartment – individual or shared - includes designer furniture, a private bathroom, home automation, Wi-Fi, equipped kitchen, a washing machine, and more. Occupants can utilize an open space work area with a day pass or rent a private office, not only offering a state-of-the-art working environment, but also the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a vibrant community of other businesspeople.

There are also inviting common spaces including a self-access gym with weekly group classes, furnished terraces, and a restaurant.

“PaperCut MF’s API made it easy to interface with our billing software, so that we could see who printed what and how much it cost.”"

- Flavien Maillot,

Director of Information Systems, The Babel Community, France


The Babel Community had some very specific challenges it needed to overcome to provide printing within its coworking spaces.

Firstly, the print management solution had to be hosted in the cloud and be able to be accessed from mobile devices.

A user had to be able to easily trigger their printout wherever they were (in transit, in the cafe, or in the workspace) from their computer or smartphone.

They had to be able to release their printout once on site using their identity badge, in any Babel Community workplace in France.

And it was important that the solution could interface with The Babel Community’s existing billing software.

They went looking for a solution.


The answer was PaperCut MF.

A key benefit was the software’s simple interface, which makes it easy for new users to quickly understand how the system works. And, of course, its Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) feature, Mobility Print, makes it easy to print from any device – laptop, smartphone, iPad, tablet, and more.

Whether the user had a Chromebook, Android, macOS, iOS, or Windows machine, they could be up and running in no time. Instead of having to install drivers on multiple devices, PaperCut MF makes integration seamless and allows users to print from any device to any brand of printer.

These were decisive factors in choosing PaperCut for the Babel Community.

They were already using identity badges to allow access to areas and to charge for catering. So, these became the way to release documents from the printers.

Flavien Maillot, Director of Information Systems for The Babel Community has high praise for the system. “PaperCut MF’s API made it easy to interface with our billing software, so that we could see who printed what and how much it cost.”


The PaperCut print management system covers the residences, the co-living areas, and the coworking areas.

“The PaperCut MF server is on a high-performance server and thanks to a fiber-served network, the release time for print jobs is very acceptable, even better than when the solution was hosted locally,” Flavien explains.

“Once the central server was in place and the MFPs installed, it took 10 minutes to deploy a residence.”

He’s also very happy with the after-sales service. “Printing is a critical issue for us and (our supplier) has always been very active and involved in the search for solutions and improvements.”