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A coworking space discovers PaperCut Pocket is the ideal way to keep track of their printing

Coworking space

Cutting to the chase


With up to 50 different users a month, tracking printing was vital.


PaperCut lets the business audit and track jobs accurately for billing purposes.


Full visibility for management with privacy and security for clients.

Platypus Coworking provides a state-of-the-art workspace for a variety of businesses in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Founded by Samantha Davies in July 2018, it offers a range of professional office spaces and business amenities in the center of the town. Clients have access to private offices, zoom rooms, coworking spaces and conference rooms in a safe and secure environment. Flexible payment options are available, including renting a dedicated desk on a monthly basis or utilizing a day pass whenever needed.

As well as enjoying the working areas, reliable Wi-Fi, and kitchen facilities, Platypus Coworking offers clients the opportunity to meet and connect with other local businesspeople. It offers an alternative to holding meetings in a noisy café and enables them to break the monotony of working from home every day.

“PaperCut Pocket has allowed tracking of all print jobs and made printing easy.”"

- Samantha Davie,

Platypus Coworking Founder, Ballarat, Victoria, Australi


Platypus Coworking quickly became a popular location for a wide variety of businesses in Ballarat. From entrepreneurs and sole traders to small and large businesses, government organizations, and regional employees of large corporations. But with that growth came the challenge of setting up a reliable and easy to use print management system.

“Everyone prints using Wi-Fi to a single printer,” Samantha reveals, “this made it quite hard to accurately track printing, especially as the printer only displayed the last 32 jobs, everything older gets hidden. This made tracking usage and accurately charging for jobs a bit of a hard task.”

There are other issues that are common to printing in a coworking environment. Some locations may offer multiple printers from various manufacturers, which can cause compatibility problems for clients printing from different devices. Some printers may require specific drivers to be installed, which can be a real hassle for clients. And the high printer usage in a coworking space can lead to low ink or toner levels that cause poor-quality prints or printing failures.

Samantha needed a solution that could prevent any of these issues, while making it easier for her to charge printing costs to the right client.


Samantha explained her requirements to PaperCut Support and was guided towards PaperCut Pocket. “I wanted to chargeback accurately and make printing more accurate - give the ability to correctly audit and track jobs for users. We’re now able to tell them accurately what was printed and when.”

PaperCut Pocket makes it simple for users to immediately connect with printers without the need to configure servers or set up print queues and printer drivers. It offers driver-free printing on Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Chromebooks and more. And it allows Admin to stay on top of their printing needs with toner forecasts, insights, and comprehensive reporting.

What’s more, as PaperCut Pocket is completely cloud-based, there’s no need for expensive additional hardware.


PaperCut Pocket provided Platypus Coworking with a simple to use print management system that offered Samantha the data visibility she needed. And it also added the benefit of privacy and security for her clients.

Instead of having potentially sensitive documents lying around on the printer for anyone to see, PaperCut ensures that print jobs are only released by the person who created them when they’re standing at the printer and ready to pick them up.

Samantha is full of praise for her PaperCut system and has advice for those looking for a similar solution: “Know what you want from the system. If you’re like me, wanting to track and give people a sense of privacy and security, it is hugely beneficial. Going into the future and not having servers; app/cloud-based is how most businesses work now. Everyone has a smartphone, so it makes it much easier.”