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PaperCut and HP Workpath

Cloud-native print management software with HP embedded software

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Meet PaperCut Hive

Complete cloud-native print management for business


Explore PaperCut Hive behind the scenes with Noah

PaperCut Hive is our cloud-native print management software for cloud-ready businesses that are looking for a serverless printing solution. It includes:

  • MFP/MFD touchscreen software linked to the cloud
  • a variety of secure print release options, from proximity ID cards to mobile phone release
  • visibility and control of print, copy, scan, and fax.

PaperCut Hive brings all this into one all-online, centrally-managed product. It also frees up organizations from the costs of acquiring and maintaining on-premise print servers.

You'll love what's under the hood

PaperCut Hive is built from the ground up with modern IoT and Edge Mesh technologies that deliver speedy performance with no trade-offs and low latency.

The Edge Mesh keeps your printing reliable and fast, and your documents local and secure.

Oh! And it also means you don't need any special hardware or servers on-site :-)

PaperCut Hive apps for HP

Bringing most of PaperCut Hive’s features right onto the HP MFP’s touch screen

The Lite Release app and the Full Embedded app are the star performers in PaperCut Hive. They link securely to the online admin console and bring HP multifunction printers into a modern cloud print workflow. The Lite Release app makes secure print release accessible and affordable, and it's the perfect entry-level product for organizations just starting with secure printing. The Full Embedded app has a broader and more advanced features set accessible directly on the MFP touchscreen.

PaperCut Hive apps for HP

Lite Release

Alternative release method to complement mobile-based secure print release

Full Embedded

Full MFP integration providing secure printing, usage tracking, scanning, and card authentication

HP platforms supported

HP Workpath and HP OXPd


App Features

Desktop and mobile printing

Find-Me printing

Mobile Print Release

User access code authentication

Prompt waste reduction at the device (e.g. BW, 2-sided)

Swipe card Authentication

Access control of device functions

Scan, copy, and fax tracking


Simple to sell, manage, and support

With PaperCut Hive cloud-native print management you can quickly implement a cost-efficient, robust, and secure print infrastructure that will grow with your customers’ business.

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  • Short sales cycle
  • Serverless solution; no on-prem infrastructure
  • Brings HP devices directly into a modern print flow
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  • Reduced technical integration challenges
  • Easy to provision and implement
  • Remote downloading and scalable deployment
  • Eliminates change management burdens
  • Reduced need for costly onsite visits
  • Builds lasting and valuable relationships through delivery


Create and deliver value with PaperCut Hive and HP Workpath

For over 20 years PaperCut print management software products have helped over 100 million people around the world to print easily and securely and minimize waste.

Path well tavelled

In particular, PaperCut MF has been installed on over 90,000 HP Multifunction Printers (MFPs) worldwide and tracks printing of hundreds of thousands more. In fact, HP is our fastest-growing partner globally.

A perfect partner

PaperCut builds partnerships with industry-leading technology and solution providers to create an ecosystem that ensures our customers’ satisfaction and success. We provide comprehensive support in all aspects of our partner relations.

A helping hand

We’ll work directly with you to explain everything about PaperCut Hive, and we’ll give you a complimentary license for internal and showroom use. We’ll also provide sales assistance for your early customers.

Want to get going?

Of course you do!

One of our customer care team will get in touch to work out the best way to get PaperCut Hive into your organization.