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Why I prescribe managed print services for healthcare

In the complex world of healthcare, operational efficiency is not just about saving time and money—it’s about improving patient care. Managed print services (MPS) play a crucial role in this by enhancing print security, privacy, and service quality. Here’s why I strongly recommend them for healthcare environments.

1. Ensuring Print Visibility

Maintaining Compliance and Confidentiality

One primary reason for implementing healthcare-managed print services like PaperCut MF is to gain complete visibility over who prints what and when. This is crucial for maintaining HIPAA compliance and safeguarding patient information. Features such as watermarking, digital signatures, and detailed print job logs are vital in ensuring that all printed documents are tracked and managed securely.

2. Controlling Print Access

Securing Sensitive Information

The ability to control who can print and access documents in a healthcare setting is essential. PaperCut healthcare solutions offer Secure Print Release—a feature that holds printed documents in a secure queue until the authorized user releases them on the device. This ensures that sensitive patient information does not sit unattended in printer trays, preventing unauthorized access.

3. Simplifying Print Operations

Facilitating Seamless Healthcare Workflows

Easy accessibility to printers is crucial in fast-paced healthcare environments. Features like Find-Me printing, which allows users to send print jobs to a global queue and release them at any printer, simplify the printing process. This enhances user convenience and reduces time wasted on dealing with printer-related issues.

4. Streamlining Scan Processes

Admin Control for Secure Document Handling

In addition to print management, MPS solutions like PaperCut MF provide robust scanning capabilities that allow healthcare professionals to scan directly to secure destinations. Administrators can configure scan actions, OCR settings, and cloud destination options, ensuring that digital handling of patient records and other sensitive documents meets stringent security standards.

5. Automating Print Deployments

Efficient Management Across Multiple Locations

Automating the deployment of print drivers and queues is invaluable for healthcare organizations that operate across multiple sites, such as clinics and hospitals. PaperCut’s Print Deploy feature removes the hassle of setting up and managing printers in various locations, making it easy for staff to access printing resources as they move between different facilities.

There you go, five ways a print partner offering managed print services can improve your print environment using PaperCut!

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