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What makes PaperCut MF ideal for legal print management?

PaperCut MF can help you increase profitability and productivity in the legal profession without sacrificing document security.

In the competitive legal sector, managing document output efficiently without compromising security is paramount. PaperCut MF stands out as a comprehensive solution for legal print management, offering robust features designed to enhance profitability, productivity, and security within legal practices. This article explores five key reasons why legal firms worldwide trust PaperCut MF to streamline their printing processes.

1. Efficient Cost Recovery on Client Services

Legal firms handle extensive documentation, making print cost management crucial for profitability. PaperCut MF simplifies the task of linking printed documents to the correct client accounts, ensuring comprehensive cost recovery. Its intuitive interface allows for easy searches across thousands of accounts using keywords or matter codes, facilitating a straightforward charge-back process. This ensures complete billing for every print, copy, fax, and scan, reducing overhead and enhancing client trust.

Ensuring secure client documents remain private and confidential is crucial in a legal firm. You need to make sure that the right document is collected by the right person, which can be hard to control in a busy print environment.

PaperCut MF secures the printing process, ensuring that sensitive documents are only released to authorized personnel. The solution incorporates secure print workflows, requiring user authentication at the MFP, and supports additional security measures such as digital signatures and watermarking. Comprehensive print logs provide full traceability of document handling, further securing client information.

3. Enhance Productivity for Fee Earners

Keeping fee-earners working on revenue-generating activities is important for any successful law firm. Providing systems which can allow them to get the most out their time becomes necessary to help ensure that this is the case.

PaperCut MF can help to increase productivity by allowing fee earners to easily delegate the printing of jobs to their personal assistants. This means less time is spent on administration tasks while ensuring documents are securely printed and available when needed.

The ability to charge billable expenses at the time of submitting a print job can help fee earners continue working on what is important, and guarantee printing costs are quickly recovered.

4. Empower your workforce to go mobile

More legal firms are starting to embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, and as workers have quicker access to content through the use of mobile devices, providing the ability to print from all these platforms securely becomes a challenge to manage.

PaperCut MF helps solve these challenges through a range of secure mobile and BYOD printing options. They are easy to configure and work across all major platforms to allow users the flexibility to print from whatever device they choose.

5. Maintain Compatibility with Existing IT Infrastructure

The integration of new technologies in legal firms must be seamless, without disrupting existing workflows. PaperCut MF excels in adaptability, working with a wide range of MFPs and seamlessly integrating with existing billing and practice management systems through well-documented APIs and scripts. This compatibility eases transitions, minimizes learning curves, and maintains continuity in legal operations.

PaperCut MF is an indispensable tool for legal firms aiming to enhance print management efficiency. By addressing key operational challenges—such as cost recovery, document security, and IT integration—PaperCut MF supports legal practices in staying competitive and secure in their document handling. Adopting PaperCut MF for legal print management not only boosts productivity and profitability but also ensures rigorous adherence to client confidentiality and data integrity standards.


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